Some Shopping and Finishing UP the Old Well’s New Pump Install

Monday April 25, 2016 Guerneville CA.

No kayaking today

Things still looked pretty windy at the river today, so I planned some other stuff to do.

Some shopping instead

I needed to get the last parts to finish off the old well’s new pump hook up and I needed to go get some goodies to eat, so I drove on over to Santa Rosa to shop.

Best way to pay Costco dues

I went to Wal-Mart, home depot and Costco to get all my stuff. At Costco, I knew my dues was over due, but I learned a long time ago to just pay it at the cash register after it expires, when checking out and it’s easier. I haven’t been in the store in a couple months and my dues was long overdue, but it’s not really overdue. It’s ok to just pay it the next time you shop which this time gave me a bonus. The lady said your year starts from the day you paid your dues, so I got a couple extra months in a way as it’s been that long since it was due and I’d been in their store.

I stopped in visit a friend on the way home, but she wasn’t home so that didn’t work out and I continued on home.

Loaded up the wheel barrel

I had a bit of a nap and then loaded my wheel barrel full of the tools and parts I thought I’d need to finish this job.

Another break to think about it and get a couple more things and I headed across the road to the well area.

Installed the  valve boxes

I started by  installing the valve boxes, which meant I shoveled a bit of dirt and I also filled some of the ditches up. I left the rest for the tractor.

After the valve boxes and a break I ran the power lines between all the electrical control boxes.gardenwell


Test time

After I had it all together it was time for a test which can be interesting if I forgot to glue any of the pipe joints. I’m always hesitant to turn the switch on, but then I think, what the heck, if something goes wrong, I just fix it. I threw the main switch and I could hear the pump humming and the pressure gauge was climbing, 20, 30 40, 50, would it make sixty without anything bursting. It made sixty so I turned the faucet on for just a bit and water gushed out, so I turned it all off and it’s ready to go. Done.testwell


This will provide a lot of water for my brother Tom to grow his vegetables across the creek.

Just enjoying the yard

That job done, I packed up my wheel barrel and went home and sat around enjoying the yard for the rest of the day.

Golden Jubilee Model tractor

I noticed Tom took his pressure washer to his Ford tractor. That’s actually a special tractor. It’s what they call a Golden Jubilee model. In 1953 they had been making tractors for fifty years and came out with this new improved model for the occasion. It has a Golden Jubilee emblem on the front of the tractor, the round thing.tractor


As the evening cooled down, I retired to my house and that was my day.

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