Some Work on a Bridge and a Kayak at Jenner

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 Jenner, CA.

An old bridge needed some attention to it’s rotten boards

My brother and I worked on taking off the wooden runners on an old bridge that crosses the creek. The runners are nailed down with big spikes and big screws, both of which were real hard to get out. Just to top it all off, the sun was beating down on us, but we got her done.

Here is the bridge with the old runners and some added boards over the rotten base boards.bridge1


We took up all the runners and did an inspection for the bad boards beneath, which we’ll order,  then fix it all up. We put enough boards back to cover the bad base boards until we can get new ones to install. We closed the bridge to most people until we get it repaired. We finally got some shaded area later in the day as can be seen below.bridge3


The bridge took longer than we thought and was a lot harder taking the boards off than we thought it would be, so I was real tired out and could barely move. I went home and rested up a bit and had something to eat, then headed down to Jenner around three PM or so, I think? :O)

As I approached Jenner in my car, I could see the fog was drifting in and out. I put my boat in the water and headed across to Penny Island. The fog today wasn’t real damp and cool like yesterday, but quite a bit drier and warmer, so it was pleasant in a way.

I hung around the north side of Penny Island for almost an hour then headed on up the river, past the east end of the island, where I ran into Steve Sailing his umbrella up the back channel of the island.steve


We continued on up the river to the eagles landing area, where this great blue heron was in the big trees, roosting. It must have been the same one I took a pic of yesterday, as it jumped in the air and gave me quite a squawking out.heron


Then it landed back in the big tree again, still squawking.heron3


We paddled over to Paddy’s rock which is just across from the heron and went to shore for a bit to take a break.

About a half hour later we put the boats back in the water and headed back down toward Penny Island. The fog was coming in more now, it was around six PM.

There was a group of Merganser ducks just ahead of us. Penny Island is in the back ground.mergansers


I zoomed the camera in for a closer shot of these merganser ducks.mergansers2


Just past the ducks we started to cross over to the visitor’s center launch ramp. The fog was really moving in now as we started across to the town of Jenner.foggedin


Here Steve is heading for the visitor’s center in the fog where we took our boats out and headed home for the day.foggeding3

I was so tired from all the bridge work and I could hardly move so I didn’t stay out too long today.

Had a nice day.

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