Spring Screens and a Memorial for an Old Teacher

Saturday June 21, 2014 Guerneville CA.

Sam Pullaro Memorial

Today, I was going to attend a memorial for an old teacher of mine. He taught my sixth grade class and also my seventh grade class, which I didn’t appreciate as one year, I could use all my tricks, but two years in a row, well, my old tricks would be found out, so, the second year, I had to be good.  :O)

Making some screen boxes

Since I had some time to kill before the memorial, I rounded up some stainless steel screen in my garage, which isn’t so easy as it has a lifetime of stuff in it, which could be called on the border line, of a mess. :O)

Anyway, I needed some little screen boxes to go over the water spring intake pipes, so I set about making some. Just measure and mark and cut and bend and there they are, nothing too fancy, but they should keep the bugs out.screens


Headed to the memorial

That required a bit of a nap and then it was time to go on down to my old elementary school which was just down the road a mile or so.

I don’t recall being at that school since I graduated from eighth grade there in 1961. The whole school has been remodeled and moved above the floods, thanks a lot, in part, to Sam Pullaro, who the memorial was for.

I drove in and parked and I admit, it seemed a bit strange to be making this journey.

Here is the first memorial table I came to.pullaro


The speakers were fairly good, but I admit, I had a hard time sitting there listening to them, I don’t think this stuff is really for me. Sometimes I’m just not a social type person.stage


I did see some people I hadn’t seen in a long time, some I could recognize and some I could not, seems we all have gotten a bit older, somewhere along the line.

They had a lot of nice food to indulge in outside, but with my corn allergy, I had to pass on that, more for the rest. :O)outside


Visiting old friends at Ray’s house

After that, I drove over to Ray’s house and visited with him, some of his relatives and some of the locals for a couple of hours talking about old times.

They eventually fired up the grill and started eating, so I went on home for a nap and something to eat. I had intentions of going down to Jenner to kayak for the evening and see if I could see any lumens, but I seemed to be feeling too sleepy to get it going and looking at the wind on the weather page, it wasn’t very encouraging, so I didn’t get that going.

Time to start looking for lumens

The nights are getting warm enough to start looking for the lumens in the water at night. Tomorrow, I plan to work on the water springs and then, maybe go out for an evening kayak and look for some lumens, if I can get it going?

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