Spring Work Mowing and Weeding In My Yard

Wednesday April 4, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Yard work

There’s supposed to be some rain coming in a couple days so I thought it’d be a good day to get some yard work done.

I needed to mow some weeds so I gassed the weed mower and was mowing away when John came by.weeds1


Visit with John

Any excuse is a good reason to take a break from mowing so John and I shot the bull for a bit until he left. He’s checking out my van.john2


When John left I went across the street to see what my brother Tom was doing. He’d just turned the ground and was putting out some ground nutrients before it rains. The rains help wash them into the ground.farning3


The bees were active pollinating the fruit tree blossoms.bees4


Repaired the wheel

I went back to my yard and got the mower going again, until one of the front wheels fell off. It turned out to only be a bolt came loose, so I got it back together and mowed some more.wheel5


Eventually I ran out of gas before the mower did so I shut the mower down and did something else.

Looked for the leak

I’d noticed a wet spot under my van which meant I had a radiator fluid leak someplace. I went under the van to check out where the leak was coming from. It looked like it was somewhere up above the fan. Looking under the hood, it looked like my overflow bottle tube had a loose clamp so I tightened it up which was fairly easy to do.liquid6


I put the van away under the carport where I keep it when not in use.

Mowed yard

This was my yard after I  mowed most of the weeds.grass7


Weeding the blueberry plants

I still had a little energy so I pulled more weeds in my garden enclosure. I added to my weed pile here and think I have all the weeds out from the blueberry plants for now. I’ll mulch those weeds in the weed pile and return that mulch to the garden.weedpile8


That’s what I did today for a nice day in the yard.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    What a great day to do some yard work. I’m looking forward to that kind of weather again. It is bitter cold here in Ohio.

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