Starting the New Year Kayaking with the Critters at Jenner

Thursday January 1, 2015 Jenner CA.

It was just at freezing this morning when I got up. I knew it was warmer down at the river, so off I went.

The sun was out at Jenner and it was a bit warmer, with  just a little light wind. I  put my boat in the water and crossed over the river where I ran into this and another great egret.egret


Not far from them was this great blue heron getting some of that sun shine.heron


I slowly worked my way on up the river on the south side.russianriver


The eagle

Just past that spot, I spied this bald headed eagle sitting in a tree.eagle


I passed on by it and continued on up to the Muskrat nest area at this spot where I sat for a good bit enjoying the sun shine.bridge


I crossed over the river at that spot to check for birds along the shoreline on that side.Jenner


While I was sitting there, the eagle landed not far from me with the bovinosarous.bovines


I sat with the eagle for about ten minutes when it flew off down the river.eaglefly


The steelhead

About five minutes later, I saw a wake coming towards me in the calm water. It turned out to be about a thirty inch steelhead headed up the river to spawn. I took a pictures of it, as best I could, but it’s hard to see. That little white spot a few feet out from the paddle. The eagle would have liked to see that one, as it was in the swallows and likely within striking distance for the eagle.steelhead


After awhile, I headed back down the river on that side looking for birds along the shoreline.

The deer on the rock

I looked up and saw this deer on the old Indian Lady’s Face Rock on the ridge across from me. It was eating the grass which grew on the top of the rock.deer2



I continued on down and went by these two grebe.grebes


And the Sea lion

Not far past them, this sea lion popped up in front of me, then dived down and I saw a big wake headed my way, right towards me. As I watched the wake come at me, I was wondering if it was going to do something I might not like, but it just passed right under me and disappeared.sealion


From what I saw today, I think the steelhead are on the run up the river.

Open mouth area

The little wind there was earlier died down to a breeze as I headed for the open mouth area.

The tide was going to low so I had to watch the current didn’t take me out to the ocean. I sat in this spot near the mouth and watched for about thirty minutes.rivermouth


I finally got tired and headed back for the day.

I passed by this brown pelican splashing in the water, taking a bath.pelican


When I got back to the boat ramp the parking lot was full of cars. Seems lots of people were out and about today, enjoying the first day of the year in the sun.

I pulled my boat out and went on home and planned to do some chores.

Fixed the car heater blower

First off was fix the heater blower fan on my car. I had planned to hook the fan stuff up to my head light circuit to get some power as the power for it was gone on the wire that was supposed to supply it and I couldn’t trace it to find the cause. But I was thinking that might not be a good idea as if the blower blow a fuse, I might get caught in the dark on some highway without lights, so I found another spot, the windshield wiper motor.

I hooked that up and it worked so now I have some heat in my car for these colder mornings.

I did a couple other small chores and then quit for the day.

A good way to start off the new year.

Happy new year.

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