A Jenner Paddle with the Birds and It’s a Bit Chilly Out

Sunday December 27, 2015 Jenner CA.

Overcast and chilly

Things looked overcast as I pulled into Jenner this morning, but at least the wind was down.

I put the boat in the water and paddled across the river and started heading down towards the river’s mouth area. Nice and calm eh.jenner 


This great blue heron was in it’s spot catching some little tiny fish of some kind in the reeds.heron


The weather guy said it might rain some around two this afternoon, so things got dark sometimes when clouds went over.

I’m headed to the mouth area.river


River mouth is open

It was almost high tide and the ocean was fairly calm today, so the river’s mouth looked real calm, looking out into the ocean.mouth


Lots of seagulls were resting on the sand on the right side of the open mouth. There were some seals too, but they were up the beach a ways today.gulls2


Eventually I left the mouth area and started back up the river and this was my view. The big tree is on Penny Island.island


No eagles today

I paddled up to Eagle’s landing, but no eagles there today. Just past there, this was my view as I headed up by the Muskrat area and sat for a bit.upriver


I was getting a bit chilly as it was cool today in the high forty’s F. That made me think that maybe I should head on in just in case the weather man was right and it was going to rain soon, so I headed across the river by Paddy’s rock and looked for birds along the shoreline while headed down the river.

This grebe popped up near me from a dive.grebe


And I went by this snowy egret. I haven’t seen any snowy egrets here for awhile, just the great white ones. This one was catching real small fish along the shore as I watched it.egret


Just in back of Paddy’s rock these mallards were resting but got up as I approached. See the kingfisher on the log in the background?ducks


They usually hang just out of range to get a decent photo, just like this one.fisher


It flew down the river in the same direction I was going, giving me one more chance for a picture before it flew off again.fisher2


I headed on in to the boat ramp from this spot and went on home for the day. The sun was already behind the mountain at home and it was cool. So I turned on the heater and stayed inside the rest of the day.

And that was my day.

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  1. Rick Jeffery says:

    You’re one hearty soul, Bob! With these cold temps of late, I’m surprised you venture out on the water at all – but I sure am glad you do :) I’ll be doing some Steelhead fishing with a friend, up near the Monte Rio area tomorrow, and will look for you & your kayak. Cheers – Rick

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