Steelhead are Running on the Russian River, Monte Rio

Saturday February 1, 2014 Monte Rio, CA.

Kayaking down past Casini’s and back to Monte Rio

I had my boat in the water fairly early for me, ten thirty AM at Monte Rio boat ramp. I was going down stream today, down to Casini’s, past the Duncan’s Mills bridge and just past the little island down that way.

There were a couple boats in the slot at Monte Rio fishing. I talked with them a bit before continuing on down the river.monterio


I was a little late on this shot of the great blue heron, but decided the picture was interesting in it’s own right.heron


This is the scene as I approached the Villa Grande hole. I stopped and talked with Andrew and his wife and dog on the left in red for awhile.villagrande


I was taking my time going down while at the same time trying to keep moving along as I had a ways to go today.

River view going down the river.river


Brown’s Pool at Casini’s seemed to be one of the hot spots for catching steelhead today. Lot’s of fishermen in boats and on the shoreline.brownspool


John, the guy with the fish, said, hey Bob. He had caught a nice steelhead earlier and showed it off nicely. He’s a blog reader.johnfish


Down the river a little further this fly fishermen was fishing near the fire


I continued on down below the Duncan’s Mills bridge and ran into these fisher people. Have to be careful, as there were two ladies in this group. I talked with them a bit and continued on


I sat here on the down river end of the little island, just above the Great Blue Heron rookery tree, down as far as you can see on the river. After I rested up, I turned back up the river.island


This is the same group I saw down the river, but are now up by the fire station fishing away.fishing2


I slowly worked my way back though all the fishermen at Casini’s and continued on up the river to  the Rein’s beach area where I saw this black crested night heron in a tree.heron2


I passed Andrew fishing from his kayak just below Villa Grande and talked with him some more, then pulled into some weeds in the sun on the upper side of the hole where I took a good break.

Villa Grande Hole, looking up to Monte Rio.view


There were quite a few guys in the slot at Monte Rio fishing away. I stopped and talked with them a bit.fishing3


I pulled into the boat ramp at Monte Rio and a fishing boat pulled in just behind me. Steve from Kings said hi and they had a good day fishing. I snapped this pic of some of their Steelhead fish as they were unloading.steelhead


That was a nice day cruising the steelhead fisher people. Looked like a good day for the steelhead fisher people too.

I just received this picture of Lee’s fish from Brown’s Pool yesterday. Nice going Lee. Great looking fish and it fits right in with this steelhead fishing post.RussianSteelie

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