Russian River Mouth Blows Out and Kayaking Monte Rio

Friday January 31, 2014 Monte Rio CA.

Note:   I’m having some posting problems posting the day after this one. working on the problem.

Let’s take a look at the river’s mouth now

Yesterday I left at 4;30pM with the river’s mouth in this condition. Breached, but not yet fully open. It’s just really starting to open at this time with the low tide and this is what it looked like. Use the big rocks in back for sizing.mouth


Today as I arrived at Jenner around eleven AM, it looked like this. It’s high tide and lots of water is coming into the river and big fish too.jenner


Notice all the big sand piles are gone and the channel is really open wide, which drained the river really fast last night. Lots of seagulls and harbor seals on the beach.jenner2


Too windy for a nice paddle at Jenner

Shortly after looking at the river’s mouth, I met Ray at the launch ramp and because of the strong winds we decided to go back to Monte Rio to kayak for the day, as it has much better protection from the strong winds.

Ramp rage

When we arrived at the Monte Rio boat ramp, one of the biologists that collects the data from all stations on the river was just pulling his boat out. I know him so we shot the bull for a bit on the boat ramp, while Ray waited. Ray finally says, ramp rage, so the biologist got out of there and we put our boats in the water.

We headed on down the river towards the Villa Grande hole at a very leisurely pace.

This is what the river looked like shortly after putting our boats in the water. What strong wind? Nice.river


Steelhead fishermen

As we were approaching the Villa Grande Hole, two fishing boats came up the river and passed us. They’d been down the river somewhere fishing this morning. The first boat guys indicated they had one fish and went on by.fishboat


We passed this great blue heron getting some sun. We have lots of these great blue herons on the river.heron2


Turned around at the Sheraton Beach

We stopped at the Villa Grande hole for a bit and then continued on down to the Sheraton beach area, where we stopped for a bit and then turned around and started back up the river.

This is the spot we turned around for the day, just across from the Sheraton beach area.seagull


We passed another great blue heron preening in the sun.heron


We were taking our time heading back as we had lots of time.

This is the view just above the Villa Grande hole on the way back up. That’s Ray up ahead taking it easy.upriver


It wasn’t too long before we were back at the Monte Rio boat ramp.

This picture is of Ray just approaching the Monte Rio Boat ramp were we pulled out for the day.ramp

Some more car work

When I got home the sun was out, so I did some work on my car that seems to still be hesitation when cold, but didn’t get much accomplished and then went in for a nap.

Nice day, glad we got out of the wind.

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