Still Making Rain and Removing Big Roots Off a Trail

Friday February 11, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Making rain

I continued to set the sprinklers today to wash the fertilizer into the ground. I have about 6 sprinklers around the yard I can set with timers on them.water1


I have a plum, apricot and some apple trees here with chicken manure on the ground under each one.water2


Trail work

Around two PM I rode the quad on up into the hills going through this area.trail6


Big root removal

Today I wanted to remove these big fir tree roots from this trail. I dug up each end and cut them off. Some of the smaller ones I used the axe on but a couple of the larger ones I used the chain saw. I don’t like to use the chain saw on these as they have dirt on them and it dulls the saw chain badly.roots3


Tired out

After I got the roots cut out and the trail put back together I was pretty tired out so I headed for home going down this way.trail4


I took another trail back going on this one. It’s nice to have different ways to go.trail5


Once home I let the chickens out to graze but I was too tired to sit with them so I went in the house for a nap which finished out the day for me.chickens


Nice day.

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