Still No Go On the Wi-Fi Extender and Some Yard Work

Monday July 11, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Extender setup

I worked on trying to get the internet Wi-Fi extender setup for about a half a day.unit1


I’m trying to extend my brother’s high speed cable internet access to my house from his house next door. I took my stuff over to his place and tried repeatedly to set it up. It seemed to setup but then it just wouldn’t connect to the internet.setup2


I decided to give up for now, but did go home and do some research on setting it up. It has some buttons on it to set it up automatically but I haven’t been able to try that yet as no one was home at my brother’s place and I have to be inside to push the button on his router.


I loaded up the wheelbarrow with woodchips several times and took the loads to some trees I thought could use it.chips3


Peach trees

I dumped a load of chips at the base of this volunteer peach tree to help it along.reww4


And couple loads of chips to this one too.tree5


Pruning the citrus trees

My brother’s have been telling me my citrus trees would grow much faster if I pruned them back some so I got the clippers out to do just that.citrus6


I cut about half of the foliage out of each tree.trimmed7


And then put the sprinkler on them to give them a good watering. I plan to give each tree a shot of fertilizer in about  a week to also help them grow a bit.water8

Nice day.

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