Talked With My Well Driller Guy and Tried to Bite My Dentist

Monday December 5, 2016 Guerneville CA.

I hate early appointments

Today I had a four hour dentist appointment at 1 PM. I like the 1PM appointments as lots of times I don’t sleep well with my corn allergy problem as lots of times it’s the most itchy in the middle of the night so I may not get to sleep until five AM.

So awhile ago my dentist makes one of my appointments at 8:30 AM which I pitched a pretty good bitch about, but it was the only time available to mount some new crowns, so I had to go with it.

I  had one of those late to sleep kind of nights.

Starting the day off all wrong

Now, this morning my phone rings a couple times and I look up and it’s 8:25 AM. I’m not awake yet, not really. I jump out of bed thinking I oversleep and I need to be at my dental appointment in five minutes with a half hour drive to Forestville.

I’m thinking I can just shave and take off and I’ll only be a half hour late or so, so that’s what I do. I’m shaving away when it all dawns on me that I’m all messed up and can relax and go back to bed as my appointment isn’t until 1PM.

I did get some more sleep and visited the well driller

I get up at 11AM and check my email. The well driller sent an email at eight thirty saying they plan to drill soon and would be moving some equipment to my place soon.

The well driller place is near my Dentist in Forestville, so I leave a bit early for the Dentist and go by the well driller’s place to talk about the well. I find all the well driller guys in the back doing repair and maintenance.

Ed says they will be at my place Monday of next week around 8:30AM. A a bit early, but I have no choice but to go with it.

Things start off well at the dentist but

I leave them working away and head over to my Dentist where I get four crowns prepped.

My dentist has a plastic sucking block she puts in my mouth to do her work. It keeps my mouth open and sucks up the drilling stuff.

But then it all went to hell

When she finally finished forming the teeth she asked if I wanted a break and I indicated it would be a good idea before we went on to the next step, so she removed the block and when I closed my mouth, my left jaw snaps shut painfully and starts cramping.

This is not good as we have to finish the work, but I can’t keep my mouth open without it painfully snapping shut.

I got this jaw problem sometime ago while I was getting a root canal at another dentist who keep me open too long.

Ice pack to the rescue

I warned my dentist to be careful of the snaps. Her assistant asked if I thought an ice pack would help, yes please, so we rested for fifteen minutes hoping the ice would help.

The ice did help some and I found I could open my mouth some, but not too wide as long as I didn’t shut it, or it would snap shut, but not as bad as before the ice.

My dentist adjusted her technique not opening my mouth so much and we were able to get her done and they didn’t’ lose any fingers or even get bitten.

By the time we got all this done, the day was over and I drove home in the dark.

And that was my day.

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