That Gravel Road Was Just Too Bumpy and Dentist Finish Up

Tuesday March 22, 2022 Winterhaven Arizona

Explore day

I was looking for some place to explore today to kill a day while I wait for my crowns.

I was thinking of Ogilby road but looking at the maps I decided to not do that but do a road out of Winterhaven that almost goes to the Ogilby road area.

I went through Winterhaven and found CR-S24 that led 18 miles to the Ogilby area but stopped at some river I’ve already forgotten, likely the Columbia.

There’s lots of agriculture in this area.road1


End of the pavement

I crossed over the American Canal to get to the desert road.and that’s where the pavement stops.canal2


Rough washboard road

Right away the road changed to washboard gravel that was real rough and I was thinking I didn’t really want to go 18 miles on this and have to turn around and retrace it back again.road3


Power lines

I could see on the map the road split up by those big power lines so my goal was to at least drive that far, three miles in and see what I thought of the roads there.road4



I spotted this stuff just before I got to the power lines and stopped to have a looksee.what5 


Just someone’s art I guess.things6


Lunch break and a rest

I made it to the power lines going about five miles an hour as the road was so rough and stopped here for something to eat and a good break.van7


Back to the border

The roads didn’t look any better up ahead so after a good break in that spot I started back to my overnight spot near the border.

I made the turn into the area here going by this water canal and made another left turn just ahead.road8


I turned onto this road and traveled up it about a half mile or so.road10


The road got narrower as I went but I was almost there.road11


New camp spot

I found this spot just before my old camp spot so I pulled in and made camp for the rest of the day and tonight.camp9


Killed the day

Things didn’t quite turn out the way I planned today but I did kill the day just the same.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to get my crowns installed at nine in the morning and after that I hope to be on my way back to Quartzsite.

Nice day.


Dentist Finish Up and Back To Quartzsite

Thursday March 23, 2022 Quartzsite Arizona


My two crowns were supposed to be in today so I made my way over the border for my 9 AM appointment.

I had two crowns to fit today, one large one and one small one. The largest one was a bear and a bit on the high side when the guy started but after much work he got it to fit pretty good. The small crown was much better and he got it fit rather quickly.

He cemented them in and did a bit of adjusting and I was good to go.

Border line

Since I got out of the dentist just a bit after 10 the border line was not long at all and I crossed over without a hitch despite only having a driver’s license.

Time to head north back to Quartzsite

After crossing back over the border I jumped in the old van and started my trip back to Quartzsite going through this agriculture area.road1



On the way I stopped at this old cabin for a break and took a bit of a nap before continuing north.cabin


The trip was uneventful and I made it back to Quartzsite to Marty and Patti’s place.

Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    I like that shady camp. Glad you’re done with that ordeal.

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