Two Crowns and a Root in Algodones Mexico and Big Savings

Monday March 21, 2022 Algodones, Mexico

This is the second of two posts posted today. The first one is below this one if you care to read them in order.

Dentist day

I made it to the dentist at 9 this morning to have that sore tooth looked at. That one needed a root canal and a crown and she found another one with decay under a crown so that meant two crowns and a root. 1000 bucks which is much better than the 6000 bucks at home.

At that rate I can afford to drive down here from home when I need that kind of dental work. I’d sorta like to visit this area during the Monsoon season, so maybe I’ll get my chance someday.

Long border line

I got out of there just after noon, but  had to wait about two hours in the border line to get back to California. I don’t have a passport but had no trouble with my driver’s license.

Border line experience

The line was long back to the U.S., clear back to the end of the roofed in part about two blocks or so.

I got in line behind two little Mexican kids a boy and a girl. I think they were aged somewhere between six and ten. I wasn’t sure why they were in line as they had no parents with them and they were Mexican.

As the line progressed I watched them messing with their cell phones. They each had a new ear piece they were trying to get hooked up to the phone.


Once they had the ear plugs working they did some singing in a soft voice. Interestingly my dentist’s assistance was singing softly when she was working too. Must be a thing down here.

They didn’t speak English as they once asked a passerby to ask me if I’d keep their spot while they went and did something which I did.

I chatted with the guys in front of me and the guys in back of me a little.

But the interesting thing was

When the line was almost up to the front three ladies came up and got out some money and paid the two little kids that were holding their place in line a few bucks each.

Quite a bit of money for such young kids.

Now the good looking lady in front of me had a tattoo on the back of her neck which I couldn’t quite make out.

A squat

But what got me about  that young lady is she all of a sudden sat down in a squat, Something I hadn’t seen since I was in Vietnam when I was there in 1967 an 1968.

All the young and old Vietnamese sat like this as I don’t remember them using chairs.

The squat goes like this. You squat down like you are doing a bathroom thing and then you lower your butt almost to the ground which puts you into a balanced comfortable position, at least it was for them.

So anyway I mentioned it to her asking if she was oriental. She wasn’t but a nice chat began.

The surprising thing is we grooved, is the best I can describe it.

Love bug

Later that night I thought about it some more and realized I’d just been bitten by the love bug, just a bit which I hadn’t done in quite some time. You just never know when that might hit.

It’s a good thing she took off and we won’t likely see each other again. :O)

Things like that make for an interesting experience. One just never knows. :O)

A day to do some exploring

I have to wait until Wednesday to get my crowns so I have a day to explore or do something, not sure what yet. Maybe just take it easy here.

Any day is a nice a day when you save 5000 bucks.

Nice day

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  1. Patritia I Richards says:

    Wow what a great experience! You are saving a bundle for sure.
    Plus you never know when Cupids will hit.

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