The Corn Seems to Have Gotten Me Down

Saturday January 18, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Wasted days

Yesterday I’d had plans to get some work done on the van…………….But.

The corn thing is getting me down. Not much sleep at night and lots of itching. I got up around noon yesterday and ate  for the day and I was chilled through and tired so I took a nap. I think the corn thing is causing me to feel chilled as it’s not normal for me.

Anyway while napping I just felt tired out so I stayed in bed all day and didn’t do anything except shut the chickens up for the day.

A repeat

So today I’d planned to do better and got up around 10 and ate and a nap and did the same thing as yesterday,………………………. not much.

Lock down time

So something out of the few things I eat is getting me corned so it’s what I call lock down time and this time not just lock down but severe lock down. That means I get all the spring water I want and I have one big meal a day which is a big baker potato skinned and cut up into bite size pieces. A half of a whole onion sliced and a can of string beans with  water and sea salt only. I boil this up until the potatoes are done and eat it up. I will be cooking up  a chicken which will help a lot and can also throw some eggs in there once in awhile.

Finding the corned stuff

I will eat that way until the corn thing calms down and then try to figure out what got me in the first place which means eating things and testing to try to figure it out. It’s not really that easy most of the time, even though you’d think it would be. Some things have lots of corn stuff in them and some things have a little which can add up each time you eat and I think these are the toughest ones to figure out.

I’m not use to laying around doing nothing all day, so maybe tomorrow I can get something done or maybe a paddle would help.:O)

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One Response to The Corn Seems to Have Gotten Me Down

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Oh dear! I’m sorry to hear that the corn thing has returned. You were doing so well avoiding it. This certainly isnt like you, hopefully today you’ll feel better. A paddle does sound good for you.

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