The Fog Moves In and Out and I Now Have an Endoscopy Appointment with the VA

Friday January 23, 2015 Jenner CA.

I was determined to get an appointment today for a endoscope to look for these BBQ brush wires in my throat. I wasn’t sure who to call, so I took a stab at it thinking I could get transferred to the right department which I did.

I left a message that I’d be near the phone until ten thirty, and didn’t get a call back, so I went off to Jenner to kayak for the day.

The sun was out and the wind was down when I arrived and put my boat in the water.

I crossed over to Penny Island where this bird in the big tree caught my attention. I was looking up there trying to determine what it was when a bald headed eagle flew over and headed up the river and out of sight. I never did figure out what this bird was, some kind of hawk.bird


Lost my pocket knife

Last night I couldn’t find my pocket knife and was trying to figure out what I did with it. The last time I could remember using it, was yesterday on our hike. I had used it when I was resting at eagle’s landing, so it must be there, so I was gong to have to stop there and check.

I’m going by eagle’s landing in this picture, but I didn’t stop there yet, as I wanted to paddle up the river a bit first.russianriver


I saw some birds on Paddy’s rock and headed over that way to see what they were. I passed by this female merganser duck that was resting on the gravel.merganser


The birds on Paddy’s rock turned out to be some cormorants taking it easy.cormorants


Heavy fog moves in

When I turned my boat down river and looked, I was surprised to see the fog sneaking in down at the town of Jenner. So far, it had stayed down that way.morefog


I continued up the river along the north shore where I ran into these geese feeding in the grass. They honked a lot as I passed.geese


From there, I crossed back over the river to Muskrat nest beach where I sat a good while taking a break and enjoying the day.

When I left that spot and started heading back down the river I ran into these bufflehead ducks that were feeding.buffleheads


Fog moves out

I looked down the river and the fog had disappeared.jenner


Across the river from me, up on the ridge top, the bovinosarous and some horses were enjoying the day. Hummm, what kind of sarous would a horse be? Horseosarous maybe. Sounds good. :O)animals


I went by this male goldeneye duck as I was heading over to the eagle’s landing area where I was going to look for my pocket knife.goldeneyes


Eagle’s landing area

I pulled into  eagle’s landing here to look for that knife under the big trees.kayak


I put ashore and looked for the knife and it was right were I had left it. I hung out in this area for about an hour taking it easy.landing


Fog is coming back again

After resting up, I started down the river some more and stopped in this spot for another break while I watched as the fog started to drift back in.resting


The fog was trying to form a rainbow, but it didn’t quite make it.fog


I pulled into the little channel on the up river end of Penny Island and watched as the fog started to move back out again.foggy


The fog really moves in now

As I watched, the fog changed direction again and moved back in heavily for this view as I headed for the boat ramp at the visitor center in Jenner.jenner3


I finally made that appointment

I pulled my boat out of the water and went on home early today as I was going to give that appointment call another chance.

When I arrived home, I made another call immediately leaving a message that I’d  be by the phone the rest of the day and hit the couch for a nap. An hour or so later, I got the call. They seemed to be setting me up for a colonoscopy for some reason. When I realized that, I asked what procedure I was getting. A colonoscopy. What? It  seems I am overdue for one, but lets get to the pressing issue, the wire, I said to the guy. The other can wait.

So, I’m now set up for an endoscopy for next Friday to look for any of these small bbq brush wires I may have swallowed. That’s good. I guess I should of made that call about a week ago.

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