The Note in the Bottle and Some Birds and a Walk on Penny Island

Friday February 20, 2015 Jenner CA.

It was overcast and cool at Jenner today as I arrived to put my boat in the water. I paddled across the river and was just sitting around when I saw Ray pull into the parking lot with his kayak. He joined me a bit later and we decided to head up the river.

This was what it looked like as we started on up the river.russianriver


We passed by some cormorants resting on the gravel by Paddy’s rock.cormorants


We continued on up the river to the Muskrat nest beach area paddling along this shoreline.river


Where’s the bottle

I was looking for that bottle I saw yesterday that I thought might have a note in it, but couldn’t remember where I saw it. I found it just before we got to the muskrat area.

This is what it looked like. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble to put a note in the bottle, taping it up so it didn’t leak and putting a label on the outside with dollar signs on it.bottle


I removed the tape and opened the bottle to read the note. It said, you sucker. Hummm. Who’s the sucker. All I had to do was open it, but hey had to find paper, pen and tape to put it all together, so I think they are the sucker. This is the second bottle we’ve found down here with a sucker note in it. People are weird. :O)bottlenote


We continued on up to the muskrat nest area and sat for awhile when my cousin Laura and her friend Dave came by in there yaks so we shot the bull for a bit, then they continued on up the river.

Penny Island walk

Ray and I started back down the river and pulled onto Penny Island as Ray wanted to go for a walk on the island.

We pulled our boats in here.kayaks


Spring flowers blooming

We walked over by where the house used to be and were surprised to find these daffodil and lily flowers blooming, looking across to Jenner.island


A little closer look at the flowers.. These two types of flowers are commonly found at old home sites as the wild animals do not eat them as they do other flowers, so  they last a long


We walked into the swampy part of the island and Ray got his feet wet, but I didn’t.pennyisland


As we were walking back by the old milk barn, this turkey vulture flew up onto this post and watched us as we passed. The head was really a bright red, likely for mating season.vulture2


We put our boats back in the water and paddled around to he other side of the island as we were heading in.

Unafraid merganser ducks

These three merganser ducks which I also saw yesterday seem to not mind our presence and just swam around us like we weren’t even there. For some reason they aren’t afraid of us for the second day in a row. Two males and a female.ducks


I was watching this great egret fishing when one of the male mergansers swam between us. The egret was a bit on the friendly side also and didn’t fly away as I watched it fish.birds


The egret was catching some very small fish as I watched.egret


After our paddle and our walk we were both tired out, so we headed on in for the day and went on home.

I had intentions of doing some work on my speedometer, but all I had in me was a nap and that was it for another day.

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