Tires and Mufflers and Here Comes Spring

Monday January 28, 2019 Guerneville CA.

What to do on a nice spring day

I went outside this morning and fed the chickens and checked their water supply.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to accomplish today so I sat around and did some puttering around the yard to start off.

Cars tires get rotated

One of my car tires was looking like it needed to be rotated so I jacked up the car and rotated them.rires


And checked out the new muffler fit again

As long as the car was up on the jacks I had a look at what I needed to do to put the new muffler on. I can see where I will need to cut off two bolts that are rather rusted to do the job and maybe some other stuff.carmuff


I decided to wait on installing this muffler as there’s some stuff that might get complicated. I’ll tackle that first on another day.

I also took the wire off this piece I cut off a panel section the other day so now I can use the rebar for something else.wireoff


Toyota Land Cruiser muffler repair

As long as I was looking at mufflers I had another look at the Toyota’s muffler which needed a bit of repair.muffhole


I jacked the rear of the Toyota up and put it on stands for safety.

Bad Ass

Surprisingly when the engine was running the Toyota sounded about the same as without the holes which wasn’t really that  bad for a bad ass rig. :O)

Repair stuff

I’d bought two muffler repair kits to do the job along with some silicone and wire.muffix


Messy stuff

It was a bit messy as the repair tape is soaked in a solution then applied. I wired the metal flap back up and now need to let it cure overnight.muffler


I decided to wait for things to cure and dry out before using the high temp silicone to finish the seal job.

Coming on strong

After that it was back to sitting around the yard and puttering which meant enjoying the day. I did notice there are a lot of daffodils getting ready to burst open which means spring is coming on strong.

That was it for me today.

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  1. George Yates says:

    You do have a few jobs to take of and sounds exhausting (lol), get that all do then look for more things. too Fix like I do.

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