Too Darn Windy For a Fun Paddle

Friday April 14, 2017 Jenner CA.

The weather guys were wrong as usual

The weather guys said it was going to be a bit windy at Jenner today, around 16 miles an  hour, but they were wrong.

Sometimes the wind is less than predicted so I decided to drive on down to Jenner and take  my chances.

River overlook

As I drove in to Jenner, I could see the weather guys were wrong, the wind was more like 25 miles an hour, a bit on the windy side, so I continued on through the small town of Jenner to the river’s mouth overlook here.overlook


Good for the fish

With the recent rains the river is fairly muddy which is good for the fish, lots of water to spawn and too muddy for anything to catch and eat them.

Looking out the river’s open mouth into the Pacific ocean.mouth


Looking over the sand bar into the Pacific ocean. Lots of harbor seals and birds resting on the sand down there.ocean


Here’s a few of the seals and birds.birds


The pupping group of seals

And a few more seals, this is the calving group, which is usually off from the main group.seals


Monte Rio boat ramp not muddy

It was windy and cool at the overlook so I didn’t stay long and drove on back to Monte Rio to check out the condition of the boat ramp there. I wasn’t planning to put in there, but just wanted to see how the mud was which looked ok to launch with the river up a


I drove on home and puttered in the yard the rest of the day, doing mostly not much of anything. I enjoyed the day just sitting around taking it easy.

And that was my day.

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