Paddling Jenner and the Most Pelicans I’ve Ever Seen Here

Tuesday September 22, 2020 Jenner CA.

Paddle Day

I checked the weather for Jenner today to see how windy it might be. They said about 15 miles an hour, a bit windy but not bad so I loaded up my car around noon and headed down to Jenner.

I put my boat in the water at the Jenner boat ramp and parked my car.

I always paddle across the river to Penny Island to decide which way to go up or down river.

This was the view down river. Lots of birds.river1


And this was my view up river, not many birds.river2


Paddling up river

I decided to paddle up river first and come back to the birds a bit later.

So I took  my time and paddled on up the river about a mile taking my time stopping along the way.

I made it to this spot and sat and took it easy watching for things but didn’t see much.river3


Eventually I turned and paddled down river to this spot and decided to paddle down the back channel of Penny Island along here.jenner4


I pulled into this spot where I could see a bunch of brown pelicans up ahead. The wind was picking up a bit.pels5


More pelicans than I’ve ever seen before

There were pelicans most everywhere the most I’ve ever seen down here.pels6


I sat and watched the pelicans for awhile.pelicans7


The pelicans didn’t seem to mind me too much.pelicans8


I was watching these ones doing some bathing in the water.pelicans9


From there I paddled on over to what I call the Slot to get out of the wind and just sat and watched.

A guy in my Slot

I was there for about ten minutes when I backed into the slot a bit further and a guy said hi which surprised me as he was back there all the time just sitting and enjoying the spot. We chatted a bit before I went back out in the water.birds10


Windy wind

The wind had picked up to about 25 miles an hour twice what the weather guys said it would be. The waves increased and some white caps formed so I had to be careful not to let any waves come over the side of the boat and get me wet and picture taking became more complicated as I had to keep on the paddles most of the time to keep the boat pointed properly in the waves to keep from getting wet or swamped.

Riding the wind

There were lots of birds down on the sand but the wind was blowing hard enough to make it hard to get down that way so I never made it all the way down that way but let the wind blow me back up the river towards the boat ramp.birds11


Besides the pelicans there were a lot of gulls on the water just resting.gulls12


Birds everywhere.birds13


Something spooked the birds and made a lot of them jump into the air.birds14


The wind blew me right back to the boat ramp in a short time so I loaded up my boat and went on home for the day.

Of course after all that fun I needed a nap and then I chair hopped around the yard and took care of my chickens and soon the day was over.

Nice day.

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  1. I too have never seen so my pelicans, most of them immature. Is it a seasonal thing? Also, I didn’t see the usual pile up of seals on the shore. Is this seasonal as well?
    Fabulous weather, glad you faired well with the fires.

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