Traveling To Troy Oregon and We Arrive

Saturday September 18, 2021 Troy Oregon

Third travel day

We got going about an hour earlier than normal this morning, abut 9:30 as we had a long drive today to get to Troy before dark.

We traveled up a lot of desert type highways that were real good roads like this one.road1


Truck wreck

I think this truck was down in the ravine off to the side of the road. They were in the ravine trying to get the trailer out I believe.wreck2



Just below La Grande we ran into some significant rain on highway 84 for quite some time. Marty’s windshield wipers weren’t working as he needed new ones which he was going to get a little further up the road. He had a bit of a hard time seeing when big trucks passed him.

We stopped at the Wal-Mart when we left the highway and he installed them, good thing as we hit some more rain. Marty purchased an Oregon fishing license and I got a permit for my boat.

We fueled up in Enterprise as it was the last gas before heading to Troy.

Enterprise is a small town with  mostly farming around it.

We left town on this road headed north to Troy about an hour and a half driving time to Troy from Enterprise.farms3


We turned onto this road that led down to Troy.clouds4


Local boys

We were headed down this road to Troy when two guys came out of a farm and drove ahead of us down the road. When they stopped we pulled up and chatted with them to find out if there were any cell phone hot spots in this area. It turned out not much in the way of cell phone coverage in this area. A river runs by the tiny town of Troy in that canyon.gorge5



Here we are entering the small town of Troy. There’s only ten or so houses in Troy with very few of them occupied all the time.troy6


There is this café, bar and RV resort in town. See all the guys out front by the car that we waved to as we went by as they gave us a thumbs up for our old vans. We drove by them and parked in the rear by the bridge that goes across the river just out of sight in this picture.guys7


Shooting the bull with some local guys

They saw us pull in by the bridge and came over to have a look at the vans and shoot the bull for a bit. These were all local guys from Enterprise out for a ride on a Saturday.

Ho, ho, internet

They were all real friendly and the guy that ran the café place was there with lots of local information. Turns out he has internet at the store that he said we can use so you’ll likely get daily posts most of the time as we have our adventure in this area.

Camp spot

It was going to get dark soon so Marty and I pried ourselves away from those guys and we went to camp at this place just outside of town owned by the Fish and Game up here. A free camp as most of the camps up here are, except for the RV stuff in town. This was is called Grizzly Flat.camp8


Nice to have a van

We’d been driving for three days so we just wanted to camp and relax which we did. About dark it began to rain lightly just enough to make drops of water fall out of the trees on us. That’s when it’s nice to have a van.

Tomorrow we plan to mostly relax and maybe go for a short drive to check out the river up from Troy to check out fishing and other camp spots.

Nice day

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