Showing Marty Around Troy Oregon

Sunday September 19, 2021 Troy Oregon

Exploring Troy area

We got up a bit late today as we were recovering from our long drive to get here.

After coffee and something to eat we went for a walk around Grizzly Flat where we were camped to have a look around and check out the Wenaha river that was flowing by this flat. Marty wants to do some fishing  while here. I’m not going fishing but hope to eat some fresh fish.

A walk

We walked up this road that goes up along the Wenaha river on the right.walk1


We passed by these sunflowers in bloom.sun2


Grizzle Flat

Marty is checking out the sign as I look back across the flat to our camp area in the trees. Troy is on the other side of those trees.flat3


Wenaha river

This is a view of the Wenaha river that is flowing by the flat. It looks pretty fishable.wenaha4


Internet access

We made it back to camp where we sat and took it easy until about 2 when we packed up and went to Troy to see about getting some internet access.

Grande Ronde River

As we drove out from the flat we got this view of the river as it flows by Troy.troy5


And from that same spot looking up the Grande Ronde River where we will drive up a ways this afternoon to show Marty the place and find a camp spot where he can fish.river6


Wenaha Bar and Cafe

Doug who runs the Wenaha Bar and Cafe and RV Resort with his partner Dianna offered us his internet Wi-Fi yesterday so we needed to set that up so I could post a blog and check my email.shilo7


Getting some local information from a nice lady

We walked on in and found Doug’s partner Dianna there and explained what we wanted and she set us up. We shot the bull with her a bit so I could find out what was going on with the locals as I used to know some of them until most have died off.

We found the owners very nice and friendly and  accommodating and fixed us right up.


The Wi-Fi is in the bath house so we moved over there and got hooked up. At first things were very slow, likely because it is Sunday and the loggers staying here are likely watching videos.

That’s part of the RV area where the log truck is.bath8


Eventually things cleared up and we were able to use the internet successfully.

A picture of the front of the bar and cafe building.wenaha9


RV parking

Part of the RV parking area. The river is on the other side of these rigs.RV10


And here’s another small RV parking area with the Wenaha river flowing in back of trailers.rv11


Walk around Troy

I got my blog posted and checked my email and the weather. Marty was still composing emails so I did a little walk around Troy going by these old houses.houses12


This is looking at the Grande Ronde river that flows by. The school is on the left and the bridge is now only a walk bridge to get to the school after they built a new bridge down river a bit. Marty and I are travel up this river when we leave here to find a camp spot and explore a bit.bridge13


Headed on up river

Marty finally finished and we took off up this road going up along the river.river14


Camp spot

I was headed for this camp spot about 7 miles up the river where we set up camp for the night. That means parking level and putting out a chair.camp15


Fishing attempt

Marty likes to fish and hasn’t fished in a good long time so his fishing reel was real stiff and needed some work as he found out when in tried to fish in front of our camp spot.Marty15



A cold chilly wind was blowing down the river so we went back to the vans where he worked on his fishing gear and got it to work better for next time.

Good night

We retired to our van’s just as the moon was coming up where I’m working on this post and am mostly done now.moon16


Nice day.

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2 Responses to Showing Marty Around Troy Oregon

  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Troy looks like a cute little burp on the map but I love the style of the venues and those houses. Beautiful scenery. Hope Marty has better luck with his fishing, fresh fish sounds wonderful! Great campspot!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Bob… I’m enjoying reading both yours and Marty’s blog and emails. But some how my replies to Marty’s emails are not sending. Please let him know the I will call Matt on Wednesday like he wants me to. Thank You and continue to have a good time.

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