Tree and Bush Trimming in the Yard for Fire Prevention

Sunday, June 2, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

Part of a Maple tree needed to come down

Since it’s Sunday and there is a triathlon in Monte Rio and Jenner today, I thought it would be a good day to just stay home and get some yard work done.

Looking around the yard the other day, I noticed that a tree and some bushes had overgrown an area near the house, creating a fire hazard. That was the intended project for the day.

I started about ten thirty this morning and finished around three PM. Well, I shouldn’t say finished, maybe, but I did all I could until I ran out of gas and needed a nap.

I made a big mess of fire wood and brush that I will clean up eventually.

This pic shows the mess I made. I cut part of one of the trees down and cut up a lot of bushes too, to make this mess. :O) The chain on the saw needs sharpening, which I need to get the right size file for at the store so I can sharpen it and finish cutting up the fire wood.



Here’s another view of the mess I made clearing the tree away from being so close to the house. Lots of brush to pick up, next time. :O)



After that, a nap was in order for an extended period, before I got going again and went outside and just took it easy for the rest of the day.

I planted four cherry trees real close together last winter. They were doing real good until an old deer started coming in the yard and nibbling on them. I caught this action soon enough and put some wire around the trees to deter the deer. The sticks are some of the mulch I’ve piled under the trees to help them out, the trees, not the deer.  Luckily the deer had only eaten a couple of  the lower branches so far when I discovered it.

Four small cherry trees I just planted this spring in the stick mulch, with fresh wire fence around them to keep the deer out.cherrytrees

Like I said, I mostly took the rest of the day off after the tree ordeal as the body pains were out numbering the hurts. Something about body pain from older age seems to slow me down a bit. :O)

It warned up a bit in the afternoon, so it was a good time to spend it sitting in a chair in the shade in the yard.

Had a nice day and got a lot of exercise to boot. :O)

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