Hauling Mulch and Kayaking Jenner

Saturday, June 1, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Redwood Leaves to the Blue Berry Patch, first

The day started out sunny, so it looked like it was going to be a warn one. I thought about running the mower to mow some weeds, but that wears me out, so I skipped that little chore for now.

Instead, I used the wheel barrel to haul some redwood leaves I’d raked up a week ago to the blue berry patch. I hauled six or eight loads to the patch, taking my time as the day heated up.

It finally got too hot, so I quite for the day. I find things really grow well in the redwood leaves. First I planted the blue berries in it and they took off. Next, a potato plant sprouted in it and I had potatoes without any work at all, so I planted some more potatoes of different varieties in it. They just grow with the blue berry plants and all I have to do is harvest them. Next I tried some strawberry plants in the mulch under the blue berry bushes and they took off too. An added advantage to the redwood leaves is it holds the strawberries off the ground and there are no bug sin it, so the strawberries are always ripe with no bug damage.

And of course, I sampled blue berries and strawberries while I worked putting the redwood leaves between the plants. Yummmmmmmmm. ;O) Nothing like sampling goodies in the yard while doing some work.

After that, I had a good nap and then got something to eat and was off to kayak Jenner around three PM as it was hot around here, maybe eighty or so. Not that bad really. :O)

There’s a triathlon going on in Monte Rio tomorrow, so there were a lot of people out and about today getting ready for it. When I got to Jenner it was sunny and some wind was blowing. I put my boat in the water and had to work a little to find a place to park. Headed across the river to Penny Island then up the river to Paddy’s rock which is about a mile.

The rivers’ mouth is still closed. The water level read six and a half feet at the visitor’s center today. When it reaches seven feet which it will likely do tomorrow, the signal will be given to cut the sand bar open with machinery to let some of the water out to prevent houses and roads from flooding in Jenner. They will likely breach the sand on Monday.

Anyway, I hung out at Paddy’s rock until the wind came up and just about blew me out of there. I headed back down the river to the east end of Penny Island where I put ashore and hunted for some more berries. I got my fill and put the boat back in the water and headed down toward the west end of the island, where the wind was still blowing good. Spent some time sitting in the water on the west end and then let the wind blow me up the back channel of Penny Island.

I started to take some pictures once, but the wind was blowing the waves rather large, so I put it away for the day, so no pics today.

I spent some time on the back side channel, then headed in for the day. Stopped in Guerneville and got some more gas for the mower, just in case I get some energy and went to the store and did some shopping for food, before going home. By that time it had cooled down some, so I took it easy for the rest of the day.

Had a nice day.

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