Trying to Repair the Pressure Washer, But Failed

Sunday September 17, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Working on the pressure washer

Today I was going to try and get my brother’s pressure washer working. I’d tried to fix it before with no luck.

The machine would start up, but only run a few seconds and shut down. And to add to that it looks like it’s full of water too as I can see water inside the carb. Looks like the last rain might have gotten into it.

Take it apart

So the plan was to disassemble the carb and clean it all out so I got some tools out and started to take things apart.washer


Of course it took  more tools so I got out what I needed and continued to take things apart to get the carb


Full of water

I got the carb off and opened it up and cleaned it out including some of the jets. It was full of water.

Here’s the carb off and ready to take apart.carb


I also checked the fuel pump out as best I could. It seems to be working as it pumps gas at least at low speed as that’s all I could check it for.

The fuel pump I checked.pump


Fresh gas

I dumped all the  old gas out of the fuel tank and put it all back together and put some fresh gas in it.

Fresh oil

It took a few pulls but it started right up, but shortly it started blowing blue smoke out so I shut it down and checked the oil level. When I removed the oil fill plug lots of brown looking oil came out showing it was full of water so I dumped the oil out and put in some new oil and tried starting it again.

Still won’t work

OK now it would start up and run for a short time and shut down and no matter what I tried I couldn’t get this problem fixed. I suspect the fuel pump so maybe I’ll try putting a temporary gravity fed gas tank on it to test it out without the fuel pump.

Trying to start it wears me out

Pulling the rope to try and start the motor wore me out and that was about all I did today.

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2 Responses to Trying to Repair the Pressure Washer, But Failed

  1. Sorry to hear about your knee pain I hope it feels better tomorrow. I did a little tinkering today myself without much luck. I was working on the pressure switch on my air compressor. I diagnosed a problem and found a broken diaphragm, but of course being a cheap harbor freight Central pneumatic air compressor I couldn’t get any parts. I found some material and made a new diaphragm, but when I took the switch off the top of the diaphragm a little spring popped out from somewhere and I couldn’t figure out where it went and didn’t have a diagram. I wasted a lot of time but I guess that’s okay being retired. Finally went inside and found a pressure switch to look to same as mine on Amazon and ordered it. That was about it.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    After all that dismantling and re-mantling again I hope it works!
    If not you can at least say you tried everything!

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