Two Bald Headed Eagles In the Fog and an Excavator Breaches the River

Thursday November 10, 2016 Jenner CA.

Sunny and no wind when I put in

The wind was down and the sun was out as I put my boat in the water this morning. Looking down towards the ocean, I could see there was some kind of rig on the sand down by the mouth so I started down that way along the island. I could see the fog moving in.river


Fog moves in and I almost run into two eagles

I didn’t get far when the fog blew in rather on the heavy side. I was paddling along in it when I almost ran over these two guys.eagles2


I backed up a bit and they didn’t fly off. The fog was moving in and out, but was mostly on the foggy side.rivereagles


You can’t have any

The one on the right has some kind of bird it’s eating and it’s telling the other one it can’t have any in this picture.twoeagles


But the other one isn’t having any of that and it makes a move.eaglemove


Yes I can

The one of the left grabs part of the bird.eaglegrab


And fly’s off with it. It didn’t get it all.eaglemeat


This eagle is watching the other eagle fly off with it’s prize and soon fly’s off itself over to a big stump where it can eat in peace.eaglelose2


There’s an excavator down there

I continue paddling on down towards the mouth in the fog, but as I paddle along, the fog mostly clears and I see the Sonoma County Water Agency’s excavator down there breaching the river to the ocean.dig


I see they have a lot of sand to move so I move in closer to have a look. They’ve moved a bit north of where the mouth was going out before behind the jetty, likely because it was safer to do it in this spot. It might also remain open longer as it was closing often behind the jetty.dig2


I hung around for about an hour watching things in this area while he continued to dig away.ditch


Paddle onto Penny Island

Eventually, I left and paddled over onto the bottom end of the island which is flooded at this water level. I paddled onto the island and sat around for a bit watching things as the fog made a couple more tries to come in.island


I decided to paddle up to the other end of Penny Island and went along here.island2


I hung around the upper end of the island for quite a spell and then headed on over to the boat ramp to head on home.

Excavator heads home too

While crossing over the river to the boat ramp, I could see the excavator heading home too.machine


I ran into Ken at the boat ramp so we shot the bull for a bit, then John came by and we shot some more bull and then I drove on home.

I didn’t have any plans to do anything today, so I didn’t and just enjoyed the rest of the day.

That was my day.

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2 Responses to Two Bald Headed Eagles In the Fog and an Excavator Breaches the River

  1. Bob Noble says:

    Hi Dan,
    Yes the water level was down today and so was the wind for a real nice day paddling.

  2. dangurney51 says:

    Great pictures of the Bald Eagles. I haven’t seen them in quite a while. I heard about the mouth being breached. I’ll bet the estuary is a lot lower today.

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