Two Days Hiking Around Indian Canyon On the Queen’s Road in the Kofa NWR Arizona

Monday, Tuesday March 5, 6, 2018 Queen’s Canyon Kofa NWR Arizona

I posted three days blogs today, this one of two days and the one below it.

Exploring Indian Canyon

I camped here overnight. My plan was to spend a couple days hiking around this canyon. That’s Ten Ewe Mountain on the right. On the other side of it is Palm Canyon, but I never saw it as I didn’t go to the top as I wanted to explore this lower part.canyon1


Up the trial

I started up the trail which mostly went up the water drainage.trail2


I wasn’t planning to go to the top, but I was wondering which way the trail went to the top so I had to go up the trail to find out which way it went.trail3


The trail was going up the left, but then appeared to turn into all the rocky stuff in the middle here.trail4


I wasn’t sure where the trail went so I kept climbing to find out.trail5


Looking back down the way I  had come, up this canyon from just above center is where my van is parked.back6


I followed the trial on up into this area. I  could see the trail going into the big rocks near the center of the photo.trail7


As far as I  could tell the trail went right through the rocks to the right of center.trail8


Right through this area, but I didn’t go there as I did not want to go to the top this trip.trail9


I stopped here for a break and looked back the way I had come.trail10


Since I didn’t want to go to the top I started a walk around the canyon to check it out.trail11


The trail got steep

But before I did that I made it up to about the center of this photo. The trail got steep and reminded me of my hikes up Mount Shasta. The trail was steep enough that touching any rocks, large or small started the rocks down the hill. There was no one below me, but just the same I was careful not to knock any rocks down.trail12


I’m walking around the canyon checking it out.view13


Enjoying the walk

I stopped here for a rest. I did a lot of resting as I was in no hurry.view14


I noticed this couple waving at me.wave15


The only critters

About the only critters I saw were some of these small lizards that would quickly dash under a rock or in a bush.lizzard15


Heading back towards the van

I’m slowly working my way back down the hill.view16


And went through here almost back down.trail16


I’d left about noon and was back at the van about 5PM.

I rested up when I got back. This was my view west as the sun was getting ready to set.sundown17


There’s no one here but me. A few people drove in around noon to the end of the road, then they turned around and drove back down the road leaving the place to me.

That was my first day here for a nice one.

Tuesday second day here

Today was going to be a lot like yesterday as I was going to continue to walk around that canyon some more, maybe checking out that cave.

I got started around noon again going up the trail.canyon1


And into the canyon.canyon2


I never made it to the cave

I was going to walk around this canyon today taking a different route than yesterday. Maybe checking out that cave.cave3


I had my eye on this cave, but even though I got close I never quite made it to the cave.cave4


I explored around the washes.creek5


Avoiding the trail

I tried to stay off the trail as much as possible.hike6


But no matter what I’d always come onto the trail as it followed the wash down the hill.trail7


This was the view as I left the canyon and headed for the van.view8


Hiked around the van

Instead of going directly to the van I circled around it as I still had some energy left.van9


I found the game trails that went by here. One of them goes through here, well off the road area so they would be hard to see from the road.gametrail10


The game trail had some fairly fresh tracks on it, maybe a small deer. tracks11



I continued my walk around where the van was parked.walk13


Hung around the van

And then headed on in to the van getting there about 3 in the afternoon where I stayed most of the rest of the day. A good nap was in order. I did go out a couple more times and walked around the van area.van14


That concludes my exploration in this area for now. Maybe I’ll come back and hike to the top someday, but for now it ‘s time to go back to Quartzsite.

Nice day.

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