Usal Creek Camp Trip, Day 3 and 4

Wednesday March 30, 31, 2016 Usal Creek CA.

I posted two blogs today. The first one of the sequence is below this one if you want to read them in order.

Day 3

It was a bit on the cold side when we got up each morning so we had a hot fire to help us get it going.camp3


We drove on down to the ocean parking lot on this road as Steve was planning on doing some fishing.road


I followed Steve up the beach. He stopped to fish near the creek mouth end.steve2


I continued walking on up the beach a little ways further to this rocky area. northrock


As I turned and headed on back down the beach, this was my view, looking south.beach


I sat and watched Steve fish for awhile, but he wasn’t getting any


Steve fished for awhile then we went back to camp for a break.

Later that day, I went for a walk to the creek from our camp. I walked across this meadow to the creek over to the left. meadow


I hit the creek here and walked up it a bit along it’s edge.creek


There were two mallard ducks sitting on the  log in the above picture.ducks


I worked my way back to camp and we took it easy for the rest of the day. Well, I took it easy while Steve gathered and cut up firewood.

Day four

Thursday March 31, Usal Creek CA.

Today we got it going with a smoky


We were going for a walk up the creek a few miles along this road. Steve drove us over there and we parked and got out and walked up the road.r0adtrail


With spring popping everything was nice and lush as we walked along.trail


I mostly followed Steve as we moved along up the road. The creek was over to our right and we checked it out as we went.walk


We hiked back up into this area were we couldn’t get across the creek so we turned back.walk2


Going back down the road, I heard and saw this little stream running off the hill.water


We went back to camp and took it easy for the rest of the day, just going for some short walks around the camp area.

Nice day.

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