Van’s New Radiator Electric Fan Installed

Thursday January 30, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Van work

Painted up

I got the new radiator fan bracket painted up last night with 3 coats of paint.

So this morning I was back at it working on getting the van back together.

Here’s the work area with the new fan ready to be


New fan bracket

I painted the new fan bracket grey as that’s what color I had on hand. Ready to install the fan.bracket


All hooked up

I got the fan installed and hooked up to the electrical. All ready to go here after I put in some fluid in the


No leaks

I filled the radiator up with fluid and started the engine up to test things out for leaks and such. No leaks,………but.water


Blinking temp gauge

The heat gauge on the dash was blinking and not working as it should. I  must of knocked a wire loose or something while working on the heater ducting.

After a break I got under the dash and looked around and finally found the gauge’s input plug had pulled out and all was well with that now once I got it plugged back in.

Old winch got removed

I also finished removing the electric winch’s electrical lines as they were no longer needed.

Tidying up

The rest of the day I spent puttering around the van tidying things up with tie wraps and putting some of the tools away and checking out what else I need to get done on the van to be able to travel.

That was my day getting stuff done and I’m almost there. Nice sunny day out,  nice day.

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