Visiting Neighbors and Puttering Around the Yard Type Day

Sunday September 26, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Visiting neighbors

I hopped on the dirt bike to ride up into the hills to visit with my cousin that lives up there. I had some more information about the area in northeastern Nevada she’s interested in. We chatted about that for about an hour then I hopped back on the bike and rode up into the hills even further to another neighbor’s place for a visit. I shot the bull with them for about an hour then rode on home and had something to eat.

After a short nap I went outside to let the chicken’s out into the front yard.

I even let the little chicks out in there for the first time. I usually don’t let them out of their pen as hawks like young chicks. It was late in the day so I figured they would be safe, at least I was hoping so as I haven’t seen any hawks around for awhile now.peeps


One of the momma hens kept an eye on them.chickens


Raspberries are coming on

My second crop of raspberries are starting to ripen up so I ate some of those. They are just starting to ripen up and it looks like there will be lots of them.raspberries


See what I mean? Lots of nice red berries to eat. Yummy.yummies


There’s lots of tomatoes ripe too.tomatoes


Chicken feed

One of the chores I need to do before this upcoming trip is to mix up some seed for the chickens, so I opened some more sacks and started mixing it up in the blue barrel.feedbarrel


That should last my helper for the time I’m gone.feed


Van prep

It’s time to start getting things in the van in shape for this trip too. I put all this stuff away and took inventory on what I need to restock for the trip.van


Eggs for the trip

I always take a lot of eggs with me. I gathered these up and hauled them off to the refrigerator which I will put in smaller cartons for the trip. I’ll take about six dozen or so with me.eggs


Nice day.

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