Waiting For the Sonic.net Repair Guy and Some Yard Work

Wednesday April 7, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Wait for the repair guy day

My internet provider repair guy was coming something today between 12 and 4 so I had to hung around the house to meet him.

Strawberries need water

So I puttered around the yard doing some watering. I noticed my new strawberry planters needed some water I so put the water on the blueberry patch to water them. I need to get the automatic water timers hooked up soon to do a better job of keeping things watered without much effort.The strawberries don’t really have a lot of dirt in the pipe planters and I planted a lot of plants in them so they will need watering often which is ok as the blueberry patch needs quite a bit of water too.water


Thorny wild plum brush

Another project in the yard was to move this brush I cut to give the big cherry tree more room needs to be hauled to the brush pile about a hundred feet away. These wild plum trees I cut down, one  has to be real careful of, as they have spikes on them to protect them and they hurt real bad from experience as a kid. They can also break off under the skin which can be very painful and sometimes a trip to the doctor so I got my gloves and then was very careful moving them taking my time.brush


Brush pile

I drug them over to this spot and put them on the brush pipe to the left.pile


Sonic.net repair guy

My internet provider showed up around 2 I think it was. I told him to do his thing and then we’d have a discussion of what the real problem is and why what he did wasn’t going to fix it. That put a challenge on him so he was very matriculate of what he did and he really checked things out well but didn’t really find anything wrong.sonic.net


All three houses have the same problem

So when he was done and gave me his spiel of what he thought I told him about the three houses right here all having the same internet problem and that it was all working properly right now as the problems cleared on Monday when the sun came into this valley around noon and the connections have been good since. Before that the days were a bit overcast with very little sun to warm things up.

We discussed it and I thought he did a good job even though I know he didn’t fix it. But now that he checked everything out when I next have the problem we can move on to getting these three houses fixed.

That will likely be when it rains or maybe when the skies cloud up and the main wires to town mess up again.

He said he’d make some notes in the log on my place and off he went.

Damp foggy nights

I don’t think it will take long before the main lines mess up again as we often have fog at night and so it can be damp in the forest which phone lines don’t’ like much.

Well pump planning

I spent the rest of the day going over my shopping list for a new well pump I need to hook into the system for more water to water my weeds. I’ll likely go shopping tomorrow and get what I think I need to get things hooked up.

Anyway that was pretty much my day.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Good luck with getting thing fixed up. Process of elimination is what it sounds like.
    I think it is only Wednesday though……the weeks go fast enough!! :)

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