We Got Mulch, Fixing the Walk and Weed Mowing Making Dust

Sunday October 8, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Lots of mulch

My brother Tom snagged these wood chips from the tree trimmers that trim for the power lines around here. It’s mostly redwood so is good stuff for weed control and is just real good mulch.chips


I moved some of the chips to this spot along the walk. That should keep the weeds down.bed5


Repairing the walk

I needed to repair this walk a little better than it was. I figured some gravel would help bring the cement pieces up to grade.fixit3


Expensive gravel

So I went out to the well area and got some of the rock from the well we tried to drill there. I  have eleven thousand dollars of drill rock to show for the well and no water.gravel2


I put the gravel around the cement pieces and raised the cement pieces up to sorta line up. I worked the gravel around the cement pieces and got the hose with water to help seat things.

Just a bit of sweeping to go

It looks like this for now. Once the gravel dries I will sweep off the excess and that’s good enough.gravelfix4


Sorta like me

You might have noticed by now that nothing I have is very new, sorta like me.

I was going to mow some weeds, but I was too tired out by now and couldn’t get it going and besides the sun was a bit hot right now.

Dirty vegetables

Later in the day, I did get the mower out, gassed it up and mowed some weeds until my brother complained about me getting dust all over his vegetables. I was busy mowing and hadn’t noticed until he said something. By that time I had mowed what I wanted so I put the mower away.

Chair hopped the rest of the day until it started to cool when I went on in.

Nice day.

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