We Stay Another Day at the Stone Corral and Visit With the Rancher

Tuesday June 13, 2023 Stone Corral Northwest NV.


This morning when I looked out the van’s window I saw this little bunny feeding on the grasses with one other one.bunny1


Another day

We decided to stay at this spot for another day to take it easy and explore around a bit.

Marty and I walked over to have another look at the old cabins.cabin2


This one was obviously a bunk house.cots3


We checked out the stone corral and then headed back to camp and sat around in our chairs.

Little hike

A bit later I decided to go for a walk up around the rocks above the cabin. I’d go up the left side and come down the right side.hike4


I hiked up through here to get to the tops of the rocks.hill6



This was the view of our camp spot looking down from the rocks.camp7


Little fishes

On the way down, I crossed the creek and saw these little inch long fish, likely mosquito fish. They are know to eat the mosquito’s larva.fish8


The rancher

I made it back to camp and shorty after that, this guy with his tree dogs rolls into camp.brent9


It turns out he’s a rancher looking for his cows. We shoot the bull with him for about an hour before he left.

A couple hours later he comes back to check out the stone corral as he and his neighbors want to use it to brand some calves. He stops and shoots the bull with us for quite some time before going over to the corral, here, to check it out. He says the corral needs some work before they can use it.brent10


He invited us to stop by his ranch when ever we come by.


Marty and I were sitting in our chairs when the afternoon monsoon hit which it has been doing most days. Thunder and lightning with rain showers and sometimes hail too.

Went for a walk

It soon cleared up so I went for a walk on up the creek to where it comes out of the hills, up this way.walk11


I walked on through here.



It was a nice easy walk, although, I got my feet wet from the wet grass from the rains. I’m headed up to just where the hills start, not far now.canyon13



This was the view back down to where our camp is.desert14


I  headed back down the hill where we sat in our chairs enjoying the nice evening.

The Rancher’s cows formed up in the field across from us.cattle15


Nice day.

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2 Responses to We Stay Another Day at the Stone Corral and Visit With the Rancher

  1. Ken Solbakken says:

    Good posts Bob, pretty desolate country and beautiful. One could turn back the clock a hundred years and probably not see much difference except maybe more ranchers and frontier people. It would be a pretty lonely job operating that big John Deere blade, but no grade checking.

    Safe travels Marty and Bob

  2. Gaelyn says:

    Gorgeous and nice to meet locals.

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