Where Is My Face Mask and Installing Van Parts

Tuesday May 5, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Parts and van work

I needed to get the parts I ordered yesterday at the parts place so first thing I did was head on out to Monte Rio to get them.

Darn face mask

Of course I couldn’t find my face mask again although I looked high an low for it so I had to cut a tee shirt off at the top and use that.

Ordered the radiator hose

I also wanted to order up my lower radiator hose now that I figured out what I needed for that. They looked up what I specified and found it and I ordered it for tomorrow’s delivery time.

I grabbed my new parts and headed back home about ten minutes drive.

To do list

After getting something to eat I got out the stuff I wanted to get done today. Put the electric fans in and install the top radiator hose and install the new fan belts.

Here’s where I was working today with the parts I’m installing.work


Engine compartment

The fans went in fairly easily so my improvements on those brackets paid off. And I got the top radiator hose installed.hose


Tight fit

After some chair hopping and a good break I installed the new shorter fan belts. I got them one inch shorter than the old ones that where too long and I was barely able to get the new van belts on as they were almost too short. But I persisted and got them on and tightened them up. Looking good.belts


Heating up the heater hoses

I also wanted to install new heater hoses so I unpacked them and put them in the sun to soften up a bit as they wanted to be in a circle from being in the package for a long time.hoses


Another break to let the hoses warm up and some more chair hopping too. Nice sunny spring day out so just sitting around enjoying the day some was in order.

Darn face mask

While walking around the yard doing some chair hopping I happened to put my hand in my left front pants pocket and found my lost face mask. Some thing about older age I think at least that’s my excuse. :O)

Started but not finished

I got the heater hoses partly installed when I realized I also had bought a shut off valve to shut the hot water off to the heater in the summer which needed to get installed in one of the new heater hoses.  I found the valve but never did get it or the heater hoses installed. Why do today what you can do tomorrow, eh. :O)

Tomorrow I will pick up the lower radiator hose from the parts place and get it and the heater stuff installed.

Hope to play tomorrow

Well maybe I won’t get the stuff installed as I just remembered I was going to the river to go kayaking for the first time in a long time and I’m not likely to get any work done. I will pick up the new hose at the parts place on the way to the river.

Nice day out in the yard puttering along getting some stuff done.

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2 Responses to Where Is My Face Mask and Installing Van Parts

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    I was going to tell you that your darn face mask was right where you put it. :)
    You are not alone.
    Hope you can get out on the water today.

  2. DAVID EVANS..upriver... says:

    No bandanna from when you played cowpokes & Indian’s?
    I’ve found Dawn dish soap makes it really helpful with ornery hoses and belts…
    Wish my river was kayak-a-ble….Probably only downriver once..then RIP…
    Ba-bye David……

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