White Pelicans Paddling Around Jenner and I Work On the Van’s Floor Boards

Thursday September 8, 2016 Jenner CA.

A calm day

I put my boat in the water at Jenner this morning. It was overcast, but the wind was down.

The river looked like this as I crossed over to Penny Island.island


Since I’d been down to the river’s mouth the last two days, I headed up river instead today.

I went by this gall preening on an old log in the water.seagull


Just past the gall, I paddled by this egret fishing in the shallows. It seemed to be catching some kind of little tiny fish.egret2


I paddled up along here taking my time, stopping along the way.river


The white pelicans keep moving up the river

I stopped here for a break. I could see the white pelicans fishing up the river where I was headed.logs


I continued to paddle along in the clam waters.bridge


The white pelicans kept moving up the river a bit as I paddled along.muskrat


The pelicans were fishing right where I was going, but they moved out as I approached and I took their spot by the rock.pels


I sat here and just took it easy enjoying the day, watching the pelicans just up the river from me.jenner


Checking out the birds along the shoreline

Eventually, the pelicans flew by and landed over by Paddy’s rock. I paddled across the river and started back down going by the pelicans at Paddy’s rock. There were a few cormorants there too.pelcor


And just past the pelicans, these cormorants were taking it easy on the gravel. Some flew off as I passed, but most stayed.cormorants


These merganser ducks were resting there too.gansers


There’s usually a bunch of birds resting on this side of the river in this spot and that’s how it was today.

This egret was resting there too.egret3


I was headed in and paddled down along the shoreline here towards Jenner.shoreline


I went by this great blue heron. It kept an eye on me, but didn’t fly away like I thought it would as I passed by fairly close. It wasn’t going to give up it’s spot and there’s the boat ramp just up ahead.heron


I pulled my boat out and went on home for a short nap.

Still working on the old van

After that, I went out and worked on the van some more. I cut this foam that my distributor came packed in to fill the gap by the engine compartment. It worked out well.foam

I then spent some time screwing down the floor boards under the carpet and also put a couple screws in the carpet to keep it in place.

I installed my cook stove and started to put things back in the van and that was pretty much my day.

An electric fan is on the way

I did order an electric fan for my radiator last night. I got a sixteen inch one that will fit inside my fan shroud, right in front of the engine fan. An advantage of an electric fan is they blow just as hard when the engine is going slow as when it’s going fast, so there is always plenty of air going through the radiator when it’s needed most. Once that comes in, I should have it all done.

Nice day.

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