White Pelicans, Some Black Oystercatchers, a Hawk and a Nice Day

Thursday May 14, 2015 Jenner CA.

The wind was down as I drove into Jenner this morning, so it looked like it would be a fine day and it was.

As I was putting my boat in the water John the trash picker upper guy came by and we shot the bull for a bit then I put in and headed down river towards the river’s mouth area.

White pelicans

I could see a couple white things on the lower end of Penny Island as I approached. I was pretty sure they were white pelicans and as I got closer, they were white pelicans resting on the gravel beach. There were also some terns resting by them.birds


As I got closer, I could see the growths on their beaks. These two appear to be males. They get the growths on their bills during mating season.pels


Here’s a little closer view of that big ol bill with the growth thingy on it. Somehow, they lose the growths as I don’t see them later in the season.whitepel


River’s mouth is open

As I approached the river’s  mouth, I could see it was open. some harbor seals were resting on the sandy beach close by.rivermouth


Black oystercatchers

As I was watching,  I noticed two of these black birds siting on the shore. I hadn’t seen this bird here before. They turned out to be black oystercatchers.ostercather


I hung around the open mouth for about an hour just watching things, then headed back up the river through the island back channel.

I passed by this harbor seal resting on a submerged redwood log. It looked at me, but didn’t budge off it’s log.seal


Two more white pelicans landed as I went by the end of Penny island.pels2


A little hawk

I went on up the river past Penny Island  and was cruising along the river’s edge when I saw this hawk resting on a stick. I was just able to get my camera up without spooking it and passed by it within about six feet before it took off.hawk


It was possible to get some rain showers says the weather guy.There were some big clouds, but no rain.jenner


I heard the wild turkeys somewhere

As I was going up the river, I heard the gobble of a wild turkey, but wasn’t able to spot any of them until I got up to the muskrat nest beach area where I finally spotted two of them up on the ridge top.turkeys



I hung out at muskrat for a bit then turned back down the river and went past these geese by Paddy’s rock. There are some little ones in front of the goose on the far right.geese


The town of Jenner

As I approached the town of Jenner, the fog was starting to come in a little. There were a bunch of cormorants sitting on redwood logs as I went and this was my view as I paddled along, very scenic.jenner2


I went on in for the day and went on home for a nap and that was my day. I didn’t get anything done in the yard as the day was just too nice, but I did spend some time out chair hopping.

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