Windy and Cool at Jenner, CA. Today

Friday, Jan. 11, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Met Ray at Jenner today.

When I arrived at Jenner today, Ray had just put his kayak in the water, so I yelled at him to wait up and got my boat in the water too. The wind was coming up and the waves were getting bigger on the river as we crossed over to Penny Island. I wasn’t sure Ray could handle the wind and the bigger waves they created, but he seemed to do just fine with them, which was good, as that is what we were going to get today. It was high tide, so the river water was high.

The little island channel was out of the wind and my stop lights weren’t working.

We were able to get though the little channel on the east end of the island, which is mostly out of the wind. We spent a little time there shooting the bull and Ray informed me that he followed my van yesterday and I had no stop lights. That’s good to know. I must have knocked something off while I was working on it? Hummmmmmmmm.

Ray wanted to go down toward the mouth, so we headed in that direction. The wind was up pretty good now, so we had to paddle against it to get down the back side of the island. We took our time, stopping in any place we could find out of the wind.

Below is a picture of the view up river from the visitor’s center as we crossed over to Penny Island. Wind is picking up and the waves are growing bigger as we proceeded.

jenner 1


We decided to land on near the west end of Penny Island to look around a bit and get a bit of leg exercise. You never know what you might find washed up on the shore. Not anything of real interest today.

Below, you can see were we put ashore on Penny Island.

penny island


By this time, the tide was starting to go out and exposing more of he gravel shoreline on the island, as you can see below, looking down toward the mouth of the river.

Penny Island 1


After spending some time on the island, we paddled to the west end of the island to see if it was worth trying to go down to the rivers mouth, but the wind and the cold had picked up, so we decided to call it a day a little early.

Below is a picture looking west toward the rivers mouth as we rounded the island and headed back to the visitor’s center.



The biggest waves were still ahead.

As we crossed back over to the visitor’s center from the island, we hit some of the biggest waves. Lucky for me, Ray was ok with them and we made it across, carefully, and were off the water by three pm today. Ray said the waves were fun and they were.

Even though it was a bit windy and cold, it was still a nice day to be out on the water, just enjoying it for what it was. These kinds of days just make you appreciate days that are calm and warm.

I worked on my van some more and enjoyed the new heater too.

I went home and tested my van propane plumbing job with soapy water. No leaks, so I tried to light my new Wave3 propane heater that I just installed in the van. Since I didn’t read the directions before trying to light it, it took a bit to get it going. And yes, I did have to finally read the directions. I think this heater will work out ok, only problem now is, as now that I see how this one works, I think it would go good mounted in a cut out in the side door. Of course, now I have to make the cutout and run another gas line to the door and some other stuff too, so maybe it won’t get done for awhile yet? I spent some time sitting out in my van enjoying the new heater.


Finished off the day working on a friends computer.

I finally came in after dark and the phone was ringing, but I didn’t get to it before it stopped. Shortly after that, it rang again and it was Rene, saying he bought some steaks and would I come over to straighten out his computer. So, I went over to his house and ate steak and sorted out his computer problems and that was my day and came home around nine pm.

Had a nice day.

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