Worked on Barry’s Truck and Hiked to the Ridge Top With Ken

Tuesday November 21, 2017 Guerneville CA.

It rained all day yesterday

Yesterday it was raining when I got it going and it continued all day. I stayed in and did a  little vacuuming and that was about it as it was just too wet outside.

Kens coming by

Today Ken S. was coming by to get some information on what kind of diet was needed to follow for an elimination diet as he has some chronic stuff going on and is taking steroids to survive. He says he’s working on getting off the steroids and wants to try and find out what is causing his problems. So I needed to explain what he needs to do to do that.

But first Barry’s brake lights need repairing

Before Ken showed up, my brother Barry showed up and wanted some help finding out why his truck’s left stop light wasn’t working so I got out the meter and had him take the light unit apart. We ended up taking the right side off too so we could see how the good side worked and discovered one of his lights was bad and then we discovered his back up light socket was also bad.

We got his brake light and turn signal to work properly, but the back up light will need a new socket if he can find one for his truck. He could live without that back up light. We got the brake light and turn signal going so he was happy about that.  Once that was done Barry took off up the hill riding his motorcycle.

Ken shows up

Ken arrived at 1Pm. I decided it would be a good day to take Ken for a hike up to the ridge top while we talked about what he needed to do.

Darn, forgot the camera

We took off and about a half mile into the walk I realized I’d forgotten my camera. I thought about returning to the house to get it, but then decided that was  just tough and continued on our hike up the hill.

Ken says he can do it

Before we started I warned Ken that we would hike up to the ridge top and pointed to the mountain top we would have to hike to and asked if he thought he could do it.

He said he could so off we went. We stopped at the apple orchard and found a couple apples to eat on the way up.

Elimination diet

I explained what he had to do to do the elimination diet. It’s quite strict in what one can eat. I told him he’d be eating nothing but potatoes and string beans with lots of onions and he could use garlic and salt and pepper and that was it to start out with for three weeks to a month. After that time he would have to decide if he was getting better and how he wanted to continue from there.

Do what I tell you

I told him it was entirely up to him if he wanted to do this as I was only showing him what was required, but it was up to him to follow my strict instructions if he wanted to succeed.

We made it to the Guerneville overlook

We walked along  talking about it all the way up to the ridge top that overlooks Guerneville which was about a mile and a half from my house where we started out.

Beating things in

I continued beating things into him all the way back down the hill back to my house. We arrived back at the house just a bit before it got dark.

Ken said he’d start the elimination diet right after the Thanksgiving holiday. I said good, it’s really up to you to do this thing, no one else.

Ken  went on home and I got some firewood in for the night and was pretty tired out from our hike so took it easy for the rest of the day.

That was my day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Sometimes that is the best way to ‘teach’. While walking. You can listen without getting tired of sitting and listening. It wouldn’t feel like you were beating it into him out in the fresh air. Good luck to Ken, it sounds tough!

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