Working On Fixing Up My Rotted and Sagging Gate Control Box

Friday June 29, 2018 Guerneville CA.

More work on the gate repairs

I knew I better get my automatic front gate fixed soon, so today I started on repairing the box it’s all  mounted in.

But first I went to town to get some money as I spent most of it on the new gate opener. My neighbor where the fire was paid me for the new gate controller and I had to cash his check too, so off to the bank I went.

Discussing a spring tap

On the way home I stopped at a guys down the road and discussed how to best tap his old spring he was working on.

When I got home it was late in the day, but I needed to get some gate work done.

Rotten wood and sagging

I went out to the box and had a look at what I needed to do.

Here’s the gate box that has a rotted roof and is sagging


Here’s the part that is rotted the worst. That wire used to go through the part that is rotted so the box is now sagging a lot.rot


Getting things ready to work

I loaded up my wheelbarrow with the tools I thought I’d need and the supplies I thought I would need. Even though I think I have everything, it’s always a lot more trips back and forth to the house to get boards and cut boards and get tools I didn’t realize I need. Needless to say I always get a lot of exercise around here while working away.

My chicks are doing well

I checked on the chicks. They were full and sitting around digesting.chicks


The box needed support boards

I went out to the gate with my stuff and added some new boards. One to the back that I screwed and wired up to hold the box up. I then added some roof support boards around the top which helps hold the old box together and gives  me a place to screw the new top


I added these boards around the top and screwed everything into them to make it strong.top2


New roof

I cut this piece of metal roofing to put on the top, but realized the big holes in it would let critters into the box so I cut a board to put on it first, then I screwed the piece of metal roof down which looks like this.box6


Here’s the finished product.finbox


Still  more work to do on this project

This gate project is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. But it needed the work I’m putting into it badly so it’s good to get it done and all fixed up. I still have another day replacing all the gate control stuff with the new stuff and then I’ll be done with that job.

After that the day had warmed up a bit and I was tired so I went in and had a nice nap. When I got going again the day was almost over so I chair hopped a bit and came in at dark after shutting the chicks in the coop for the night.

That was my day.

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