Working On Installing the Spring Water Pipe Crossings

Sunday October 25, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Work day

I was setting up to do the spring water line crossings today.

Dozer maintenance

But first I had to grease and put some fuel in the dozer.dozer


Once that was done I drove it up to where our water tanks are as that’s the first place I’m putting in a pipe crossing.

A little walk

Once I got the dozer up there I had to walk on back to get my Toyota with the tools in it to do the work.

So I had to walk back down through here for a little exercise.walk


Installing the pipe

I got a ditch dug and tried the pipe in it. No I didn’t move that dirt with the shovel but with the dozer.pipe


I then covered up the steel pipe and smoothed things out a bit.road


Enough for the day

By then it was after 5 so I decided to wait until tomorrow to install the plastic spring pipe in the steel pipe as there’s a bit of work involved.

I did check the tanks water level which is slowly increasing which is good.tanks


Forgot about the power outage

I went on home and put a chicken I’d been thawing out into the pressure cooker and turned it on.

Only problem might be the electric might go off soon because of some high winds they might have which I’d forgotten about. Now a days the electric power company has been shutting the power off for high winds after they got sued for starting a big forest fire, by many home owners.

So far so good as it’s past their shut down time but who knows. If it goes off I’ll just have to deal with the chicken some other way.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Nice roll cage!! I was always afraid of turning our smallest over. I’d rather be on a big boy.

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