Working On My Metal Rack Project

Friday July 5, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Metal rack construction

I was back at it again today working on my metal rack.shop1

I set the base up on my table and welded it up.rack2

The base is mostly welded up and cooling down a bit.welding3

RV canopy

I’ve been thinking about what size RV cover I should get and finally decided on the 20 x 20 size so I checked the size out to make sure it would fit in the spot and what I’d have to move to  make it fit. I’m thinking two 20 foot by 20 foot ones would work out. I think I’ll get one to see how it works out. Now I have to decide on which one and get it ordered up.lines4

Back to work on the metal rack

I made some metal uprights to hold the shelves that will hold the metal. I was going to weld these uprights on the base which is on the table, but I decided to move the base down on the ground as things will get too heavy to move easily if i leave it up on the table and weld it up.posts5

Welding up the base

I moved the base down to this position to finish welding the base up.rack6

And then moved the base onto the ground and  leveled it up so I can add the next parts.leveledup7

Resting up

After that, I took a good break so my back could rest up and was planning to get back to work on it in the evening.

Evening came and went, but my back said to leave it for another time so that was it. I chair hopped around the yard instead.

Nice day.

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