Working On My Metal Rack and Checking Out the Fireworks From the Hills.

Thursday July 4, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Usually, the first thing I do each day is to go out and feed the chickens. They are always eager to get some feed.chickens1

Metal rack work

It was going to be another warm one, so it seemed like a good day to do something easy. I started cutting and grinding the parts for my new metal rack, which I did most of the day.shop2

While I was working out here in the sun, I was thinking it might be good to get an RV canopy to cover this area, so I did some measuring to see what might fit in this spot. I’m thinking an all metal one would be good. I did some research on the size I’d like but most of the RV stuff is to fit RV’s and are long and narrow. I’d like short and wide, so I’ll have to do some more thinking on this.layout3


With the Forth of July falling during the middle of the week, fireworks are spread out a lot. I thought I’d go up into the hilltops and see if I could see any over the hilltops.

I went by Guerneville whose having theirs tomorrow.guerneville4

Top of the World

I wanted to go  higher so I might be able to see some from the cities to my east, so I went to our rest area at the top of the world. I got there just about dark. This is the view to the south, but all the fireworks are to the left and behind the trees so I didn’t see much.hilltop5

Barking dogs

But I could hear them going off and so could all the dogs that leave out in the forest at people’s houses and were barking away.

On the way home, I stopped to shoot this shot of Guerneville.guerneville6

Maybe I’ll come back for the Guerneville fireworks tomorrow as there’s a much better view for that one.

Nice day.

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