Working On Organizing the Van and a Nice Forest Ride

Monday June 3, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Van work

Since I removed the old refrigerator from my van, I need to reorganize some stuff. The outside chair is a problem. It is two inches too long to put anywhere. I readjusted some boards and got a space for it, but not in this position as it takes up too much vital room.chair1

I need to put the chair upright like this somehow. I measured  and was cutting the boards when Barry showed up for a ride.chair2

Forest ride

We hopped on our bikes and headed up into the forest and rode around and stopped at this spring for a drink of water.spring3

We rode around some more and then went up to our break area at the top.dragons4


I’ve noticed an occasional dragonfly in my shots of the sky up here and while I was sitting there taking it easy, I noticed there were lots of dragonflies flying around up here. I think they might be eating insects in the air.

If you look closely you can see more then one dragonfly in this picture.fly5

To the west, we could see the fog sneaking in from the ocean, which is just over those hills.foggy7

The fog is creeping in from the ocean.fog6

After a long break we rode around some more then headed back to  my place where Barry took off towards his place.

I went in for a nap after eating some cherries.

Eventually, I got back to work on the van and installed the boards I cut, so this is were the chair gets stored.van8

Nice day.

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