Working on the Van Exhaust Manifold Leak

Saturday November 16, 20113 Guerneville CA.

A mechanicing type day

That’s my plan for the day, alright. Not a very exciting thing to do, but something that needs done.

It starts with disconnection the battery and draining most of the radiator fluid.

That done, I dived into it and took the old manifolds off to see what was going on?

This is what it looked like before I started to take stuff apart. All the stuff on the right has to come out to get to the manifolds.engine


Here I’ve taken the throttle body injection unit off and am almost there.engine2


I took the manifolds off and checked things out. The mating surface on the manifold where  it meets the intake manifold was a bit on the rough side, so I added some silicone sealer to that gasket.

Another problem with the exhaust manifold is one of the bolt ears on the end of the manifold was falling apart and there wasn’t much left of it.

I remember this from the last time I took this thing apart.

I decided to put it all back together and see if it would work out. The worst part of that is the bolts holding the manifolds on are a bitch to get to, to start and to tighten up too. I did it, but not without a couple of breaks to keep the frustration under control.

Here, I almost have it back together. I just put the Throttle Body Injection unit back on.engine3

While I was tightening some bolts, my half inch socket fell down though the engine area. Unfortunately, it didn’t go clunk hitting the ground, but went clinked, clinkity, clink.

Oh, oh, the socket just fell down the exhaust pipe as it wasn’t connected yet.

Unfortunately, since I just got new pipes, they welded it all together, so I am not able to simply take it apart and get the socket out. That means I have to leave it in there and hope it doesn’t cause any problems.

I guess my day wasn’t going too good

I got it all back together and filled the radiator back up and tried starting it.

It didn’t start, but that was when I realized I needed to hook the battery back up.

Started right up after that,……………..but. The exhaust is still leaking. This means I have to find a new exhaust manifold, which really didn’t surprise me, I was just hoping I could get fix it without getting another one.

It’s needed a new one for a long time actually, so this seems like it’s going to be a good time to get one and fix it right.

Of course, this will present another problem as it looks like I have the wrong manifold on there and that is the one they fitted the new exhaust pipe too, but when I get the right manifold that goes on there, I’ll have to go back to the muffler shop and have them refit the pipe to the new right manifold.

Now, it seems like I wasted a day working on this, but a lot of stuff one does while mechanicing has to be done to get to the right solution. The right solution in this case being I need a new exhaust manifold. :O)

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