Working on the Van Propane Stove Project

Tuesday, May 21, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

I thought the phone guy was coming today?

Last time I looked on internet, the ATT repair site said my phone line should be fixed by eight thirty tonight.

So I decided to stay home and do some projects and water the garden a little.

The big chain saw doesn’t start

First off, I looked at my big chain saw. It’s not sucking gas into the carb as it should. I was hoping there was a hole in the gas line, but after taking it off, there doesn’t appear to be a leak there? The gas line is old and a bit on the hard side, so I will replace it with a new one, but that still doesn’t solve my no gas problem? Hummmmmmmmmmmm. I’ll think on that one some more.

Brackets for a new stove

Next, I thought it would be a good day to make the brackets for my new propane stove, with an oven. It also needed some more support in the lid, as it was too flimsy if someone was to sit on it.

I needed to cut some pieces of metal, arc weld them together and paint them. Once the paint was dry, the brackets got mounted to the bottom of the stove. I used pop rivets to mount the brackets.

The two green brackets are pictured mounted to the bottom of the propane stove. The hooks at the bottom of the brackets slide into a mating part mounted on my van engine compartment. The idea is to slide these two hooks into the mating parts. The stove is tilled to get the hooks engaged, then set down and it is locked in place. This makes it easy to move the stove outside for baking or cooking when it is hot.

Below are my two green brackets I just made.



Here is a picture of the new stove mounted on the engine compartment, below.



The new storage box

I also took a picture of my new storage box for the two folding chairs and shoes and stuff. Below. I think that is going to work out good.



And what about that dead phone line?

Around 6:00 PM, I was thinking the phone guy should be here.  Wonder what’s up? I got out my mini computer and went outside to see if I could get a wireless signal from my neighbor.  I was able to get on the internet to check the phone repair report at ATT.

Not good. They closed my ticket on Sunday saying the line was ok. They didn’t contact me, as I didn’t give them any contact information, because, my phone is dead. I don’t have voice or Internet because of that.

So, I opened another ticket and have an appointment on Thursday,  from 8 to 12. I bet he comes before I get up.

I’ll try and get this posted tomorrow at the library. My neighbors internet won’t let me post for some reason?

Had a good day.

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