Working the Van’s Shackle Bushings and Some Forest Trail Work

Wednesday March 15, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Van bushing work

I started the day by turning the bushings for my van’s spring shackles down to size on my


They are to size and ready to install, I think, but not today.bushings


Quad battery

I also tried to install the new battery in the old quad runner I’m getting going, but no go there. The battery is too large to fit in the mounting spot so I’ll have to take it back and get another one.

I took some measurements and will order up a battery online tonight.

Trail work in the forest

Late in the afternoon, I got my tools and rode the quad runner up into the hills to do some repairs on the old trail that took some water damage during the last rain storm.

I stopped here at this little water crossing and fixed it up a bit, ready for the next rain storm.quad4


The next place I stopped is why I came up here to work. The water had washed down the trail creating some small ditches that needed smoothing out and I diverted the water off the trail so this doesn’t happen again.washed5


I smoothed out and filled the small water ditches in as mush as possible.trail6


Then I fixed this water crossing where the water had jumped the crossing and flowed down the trail.crossing7


Small diet slide

The next spot where I stopped was at this small dirt slide were I made this trail over it so we can get by it with our dirt bikes. That will do until I get the bulldozer out to fix it right.slide8


I got all the stuff done I wanted to do for the day, so I rode over to this spot to check out the sunset. Those flowers are Indian soap plants.soap9



The sky was mostly blue today, so this was the best I could do with the sunset.sunset10


Old log

From there I rode on back down the trail and stopped here to move that log in the middle out of the way so I can make the turn up the other trail as there is a Y in the trail here and it was hard to get around the log to make the turn.log11


I moved the old rotten moss covered log off to the right there.trail12


And then continued on down the trail headed for home.trail13


Nice day.

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One Response to Working the Van’s Shackle Bushings and Some Forest Trail Work

  1. Judith says:

    I get the appeal of your road work. When I was a kid I loved to mess with flowing water (a relatively rare occasion, still is) and even as an adult, liked to take a hoe and see what I could do with the road or other places where the water might be more needed. It’s interesting. Never had any labor saving equipment, just me and a hoe. Could have had more fun with machinery. But then you have to maintain that. Argh. Glad you are handy at it. Enjoy.

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