Working With People To Get Stuff Done

Monday March 22, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Getting stuff done

First thing this morning I found my neighbor that I had run some new phone lines in her house and we called her internet provider to get her internet connection running as it should for a change. I had her make the call and tell him her story and then hand me the phone and I’ll take care of the technical stuff so as to be sure things would get fixed right this time.

The call went pretty good and now the process of the telephone company coming out to fix the main phone connection box and then them setting her up with a new modem. I’ll be keeping my eye on the techs to make sure things get done right this time. Her internet provider said she’d get some kind of refund since they didn’t get it right hooking her up.

So I think things are going to get fixed.

Headed to the state park

After that I did some sunny sitting around in the yard then hopped in my car and drove up to the state park just up the road. I let myself in.park


Forest fire pictures

I needed the head park lady’s email address as I lost it when Microsoft dumped all my email stuff. During the recent forest fire she had asked if they could use some of my fire pictures in the park and I said sure you can have them all so I waited to arrange a way for them to get a copy.

This was the first guy I saw as I drove in so I stopped. He didn’t really want his picture taken so the sun fixed that.parkguy


He didn’t have the lady’s email address but gave me an address of someone that should. I met this guy during the forest fire and he lost his house during the fire. We talked about a bunch of stuff then I headed back to my house.

Small world

Later in the day I saw a light blue Toyota Land Cruiser go by of old vintage and I said that’s got to be Dennis, a guy I met kayaking down at Jenner and have run into on and off. He was going up and down the street like he was looking for something so I went out to the road and found him at my brother Tom’s place to look at a sail boat my brother wants to get rid of. Turns out his wife is one of my brother’s farmer’s market regulars. So I shot the bull with them for awhile before going back to sit in the yard with the chickens.

This is another cherry tree just starting to bloom.tree3


Too many roosters

One of my roosters, but not Carmelo the main rooster. Most of my young roosters are starting to mature which means they crow a lot 24 hours a day, witch means it’s almost time to butcher some, which means my flock will settle down without so many roosters around.birds


Grow panel in action

This shows how a grow panel works. It stops the chickens from killing all the plants by eating them up so when the plants grow up through the wire they can eat only that part of the plant so they don’t kill them, like they do outside the panel.growpanel



The sun went down behind the mountain to the west.sundown


Cindy’s concerns about taking the spring water

Cindy, a commenter asked if taking the spring water effected the trees and plants in a bad way.

Yes and no would be my answer. That’s because this forest mostly depends on the winter rains off the ocean. Being the first mountain range off the ocean means we get some pretty heavy rains in the hills which supports the forest through the summer.

Now if I dry up the water by taking it, sure it would effect the trees and some plants below the springs but not kill the trees, maybe some plants but then some plants would take over that didn’t need a lot of water so that would be a push, eh.

There are many more springs up in the hills that are not tapped, lots and lots of them so the impact is small compared to one spring in a dessert.

Nice evening

I did a bit more chair hopping and went in the house just before dark.

Nice day.

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