Wrong Wipers, Some Yard Work and a Ride in the Forest Before the Rains Hit

Sunday November 6, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Wiper install

I tried to put these new wipers on the van, but after fussing with them for some time, I discovered they didn’t have the right fittings on them for the van. Darn.wipers1


Chicken poop

I did something easier next. I got the wheelbarrow and shovel and loaded up with chicken manure. I only got one load from under their roost.manure2


I put some of it on my citrus trees.fertiizer3


And noticed one of the little trees had two fruits on it. These are mandarin trees I planted a couple years ago.fruit4


And I put the rest of the manure around this big avocado tree.tree4


Rat bait

I needed to smash two more cubes of the rodent bait so I did that and added it to the bait feeder.bait5


They are eating the smashed cubes, but not the whole cubes.bait7


And I picked up some of the tree trimmings I cut the other day from this plum tree. That tree has big thorns, like desert stuff has and it got me a little, just enough to draw a little blood.brush8


And then I put the water on the citrus trees to water in the chicken manure to get it started. I’ll let the ran finish the job.water9


I let the chickens out and did some chair hopping around the yard with them. These are my two roosters.rossters10


Ride in the forest

I wanted to go for a little dirt bike ride, but with the time change today, it was getting late, but I did make it for a couple hours just before dark.

I stopped here to go for a little hike to look around. Lots of fall leaves are on the ground which makes a nice carpet.bike11


Clouding up

It was getting ready to rain, but I was hoping it would hold off until I got home.view12


The black clouds were moving in on me.clouds13


I stopped here and walked out this trail and the rain held off.trail14


I made it home with time to spare before the rains started.

Nice day.

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One Response to Wrong Wipers, Some Yard Work and a Ride in the Forest Before the Rains Hit

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Yay, mandarins in two years! That sounds quick.
    The thorns at least keep the critters out of the plum tree, i imagine.
    Glad the rain held off. Looks like a good day.

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