Yard Projects Today, stayed Home to Beat the Crowds

Saturday, July 6, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

I’m going to show you what I didn’t do tonight

I decided to stay home today and putter in the yard. I wanted to work on my big chain saw, which I can’t seem to get started for some reason. Just doesn’t suck gas into the carb. I’ve been working on it off and on for several months now, without a whole lot of success and that’s the way it was today, but I gave it a good try, until I can think of something else. It’s just not getting any gas to the carburetor. Hummm?

I did a lot of taking it easy and picked up some brush I’d cut earlier. I considered going down to the Monte Rio fireworks show, but I really didn’t want to deal with the people, so I stayed home, but……………………….

I have some pics from a couple years ago when I was down there in my kayak on the water as they shot the fireworks off, so you get to be there anyway, sorta. :O)


I arrived around four pm and went on up the river to the
Boho corner to wait for the crowds to settle in at Monte Rio beach. Below is what it looked like when I came back down the river just before dark.mrbridge


Going on past the beach and under the bridge, this is what it looked like. The crowds are gathering for a water parade and fireworks after dark.mrview


In the below photo it’s starting to get dark. I’m below the Monte Rio bridge. The fireworks are loaded in tubes jus about in the center and to the left on the beach.bridgefireworks


It’s getting later, they have a water float parade, which can be seen a little under the bridge.mrbridge2


The water floats are small town and a little funky some times, small town taste so to speak. They keep the people happy until the fireworks starts when it gets dark enough. Looking back up under the Monte Rio bridge.bridge


This is one of the small town floats. Most floats are either by families or clubs or businesses. They float by the crowds.float


It’s finally dark enough, so the fireworks begins.

These aliens where down there too. :O) Actually, they are the guys firing off the fireworks out of mortar tubes in front of them. They are fun to be close to, as the mortars have a thump of their own. Reminds me of my time in Vietnam. fireworkers


Another photo of the fireworks crew setting them off.crew3


Now, all we need are some fireworks to complete the night and they had a good show. I was surprised how good some of these came out considering I was taking them from my kayak which wasn’t very still.IMG_2692




White burst.whiteburst


That was the 2010 fireworks show, which was a good review for me and so I didn’t need to go down and deal with the crowds. :O)

Had a nice day.

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