Yard Work and a Late Day Kayak at Jenner

Saturday March 15, 2014 Jenner CA.

It seemed like a good day to get a little yard work done. I emphasize the little bit part as my sore ankle can only handle a little work without being painful. It’s getting better fast, but I don’t want to hurt it, so I’d move some brush to the mulch pile, sit in a chair and enjoy the yard, then go in for a short nap.Repeat as needed. :O)

I did get some of the brush moved and enjoyed the yard a lot.

Time for a little kayaking

Around two PM, I started to get my stuff together to go kayaking at Jenner for the day. Lots of times on weekends, I like to get down there a bit late so most of the people have already gone home, which makes it easier to park the car as there is limited space at Jenner for cars. More room for boats.

There were still a lot of cars there when I arrived, but I was lucky and one pulled out just in time for me to take the space.

I put my boat in the water and headed across the river to Penny Island checking things out as I went. Up the river to Eagle’s Landing along the south shoreline. The sun was out with a bit of wind.

The view across the river from Eagle’s Landing. Cormorants, bovines and a kayaker. Looks like the kayaker is paddling in the gravel.cormorants


But no, she was paddling in this body of water behind the gravel.bovine


I paddled over to Paddy’s Rock and this is the view I had looking down the river from there, towards Jenner.riverview


I was thinking I’d stay until dark if the weather was good, but eventually, the fog started to come in and it got a bit cooler.

This is my view towards the town of Jenner as I worked my way back down the river, thinking of going down to the river’s mouth area. Fogs coming in.jenner


I made an attempt to paddle down to the river’s mouth area. I worked my way down the north side of Penny Island, but the wind was up and with the fog moving in and out, it was a bit too cool for me. I’m feeling real lazy too.

I made it to the west end of Penny Island before I’d decided I’d had enough and turned back towards the launch ramp.

My view towards the river’s mouth from the west end of Penny Island.foggy


My view as I approached the visitor center where the launch ramp is located.lastview


My view from the launch ramp, just as I was about to take my boat off the water for the day.sunview


I packed up my boat and headed home where the sun was still shining bright and sat in a chair and wasted the rest of the day away.

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