Yard Work, Smart Chicken and Hunting for Rodent Entrances

Monday April 22, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Sleep in

For some reason I really sleep in today. I go it going around noon.

It was a nice sunny spring day as I went out to take care of the chickens.

Muddy stuff

After that I needed to put some woodchips in this new garden plot as I was getting big gobs of mud on my shoes so I got the wheelbarrow out and put some chips between the dirt rows.plot


Lots of watering

I watered all the things I’ve planted so far in the grow pens.

That hen seems to know what she’s doing

I checked on the nesting hen. She was out so I  had a look at her eggs.Checking them out I found some yoke on  two of them. Looking closer there appeared to be a small hole in the eggs. I bet those are the eggs another hen laid in the nest after she started to hatch them so the timing would be off and the new eggs wouldn’t hatch anyway. I wasn’t sure what’s going on so I left the two eggs in there for now. The holes looked like small pecks.

Here’s the nest eggs. I originally had nine eggs in there and there are 11 now.eggs


Sprinkler mods

I  hooked up the sprinkler I put together yesterday to try it out. It was so high that it tipped over from the force of the water so I had to push the legs into the ground. I can see I need to add some foot stomps so I can just stand on the legs and push them into the ground. I watered this area for a couple hours or so.water


Hunting rodent holes into the attic

I’ve had a problem with rats and mice getting into my attic somewhere and so far haven’t been able to detect where they are getting into the attic. I suspect they are getting in up through a wall where the house has been added onto so it meant I was going to  have to go under the house to check it out and see if I could find the entrance.

Here’s one of the place I can get under the house.enter


It’s not too bad under there. A lot of cob webs that I took a stick to before I could proceed anywhere. I had to go way in there as far as you can see to have a look.crawlspace


Found an entrance

I did find a hole in that spot which I will get some foam for when I shop next.

Interesting enough the spot in the wall they climb up is right near my refrigerator which I thought sometimes made a lot of noise. Maybe it’s just the pests going up the wall.

Ordered another wireless camera

I ordered another wireless cam like the one I have in the chicken pen so I’ll be able to monitor this spot when it comes in which I will do before attempting to plug the holes.

Crawling around under the house tired me out so that was about it for me today other than just sitting around enjoying the day.

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One Response to Yard Work, Smart Chicken and Hunting for Rodent Entrances

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Oh! Thank you for sharing the pix of the nesting eggs. Just little guys! :)
    Water pressure from your sprinkler leaves us jealous. Of course we have no such thing up here. haha
    No way, uh uh, no way would I be going under the house like that. Agreed that it isn’t TOO terrible but it just isn’t my thing.
    Glad you rested and enjoyed the beautiful day.

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